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3 Questions For Domingo Dominguez – Councillor at-Large Candidate

Domingo Dominguez Answers Our Questions -Domingo Dominguez Responde Nuestras Preguntas


Taxes, Development, and Housing – Impuestos, Desarrollo y Vivienda


QUESTION 1 – Salem’s tax rate, both residential and commercial, has consistently gone up around 2% every year.  Do you feel that this “stability” best serves the city, or should we take another approach? Please be specific as to the impact on city services that your approach would bring.


Salem raising its tax rate by 2% annually creates a situation where the increased cost of living makes it difficult for many Salem residents to remain in the city, and it causes people who might want to live in Salem to move to nearby communities instead. I believe we should look for ways to bring new commercial businesses to Salem that will help alleviate the constant tax increases on residents and above all, provide jobs for more residents so that our local economy will be stable, and Salem will be more affordable for everyone. Salem is growing and bringing in more businesses would allow for the city to maintain or improve the quality of services we can provide without putting the cost on taxpayers.

En español:

Salem tax rate a un 2% cada ano es y crea una situacion de alza de costo de vida en Salem, however comparado con otras ciudades cercanas esta siendo razonable, lo que creo que debemos hacer es buscar formas de atraer nuevos comercios para que nos ayuden a aliviar el alza de taxes todos los anos,  sobre todo los taxes  residenciales y sobre todo emplear mas residentes para que la economia sea estable y mas afforable para todos.,

 Salem esta creciendo 

QUESTION 2 – Salem has, and is, undergoing a long-term development boom that has impacted every neighborhood in the city. Should Salem take steps to slow development?


All cities need to grow, but our growth should be done intelligently. Growth does not only mean new buildings, but also more jobs, more programs for densely populated areas, more money we can use to find traffic and parking solutions, and a higher quality of life for residents. In recent years, Salem has grown in housing for wealthier residents, and now it is time for us to focus on bringing in new businesses, and for providing more housing for veterans, the homeless, and low-income residents. I do not believe that Salem should stop development, but I do believe that we should negotiate more aggressively with developers so that they help us with community issues and each new development contract lists the community benefits that have been negotiated.

En español:

2-Toda ciudad necesita crecer, pero ese crecimiento debe de ser inteligentemente, crecimiento no solo se traduce en nuevos building sino tambien mas empleos, progamas diriguidos a las areas sobre densas, mejoria en calidad de vida, crecimiento en regulaciones de trafico. En los ultimos anos Salem se ha diriguido hacia un crecimiento de viviendas para los mas ricos es hora de que nos enfoquemos en viviendas para los envejecientes, veteranos, homless y bajos ingresos. No Creo que Salem debe parar lo development, pero si creo que debe negociar mas agresivamente con los develpers para que nos ayuden con los problemas de traficos y parqueos ect….

QUESTION 3 – Entry level workers, lower income families, hospitality employees, and seniors find Salem to be an unaffordable place to live. How can we best plan to meet the housing needs across all demographics in Salem?


Salem has always been a city where working class people can make a life for themselves and their families, and we need to continue to be that. Seniors, immigrants and minorities are likely to be the most affected if we cannot provide affordable housing solutions and I want to support everyone in my community. To resolve our issues around affordable housing I will be active and informed about solutions that will benefit as many people as possible while keeping our community whole. I will meet with developers, other government officials, businesses and employers, and members of our community to find the best solutions.

My proposal is that we develop a long-term plan for housing in Salem and stick to that plan. We must bring together the private sector, the Salem Housing Authority, and our local, state and federal government to make that plan. We need it to be flexible enough to allow developers to provide new housing options but defined enough to not displace our current residents. We need to be transparent and inform the community about what is happening and why, and we need to use housing formulas that include low income projects, mixed housing projects, housing for seniors, and housing for our veterans. As a councillor, I will work to make that plan happen, and I will not sign off on policies that move people out of our community.

En español:

3-Creando un plan  al conjunto del sector privado, Salem housing authority y el Govierno Statal, Federal y local donde incluya estrategias para crear mas viviendas que incluyan a esos grupos que son lo mas bunerables y a la misma vez creando mas fuentes de trabajos que permitan que las personas trabajen y vivan en Salem.

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