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3 Questions For Jerry L. Ryan – Candidate For Ward 6 City Councillor

Jerry L. Ryan Answers Our Questions

Zoning,  Tremont Street Traffic, North River Waterfront Development


Question 1 – North Street is one of the main entrance corridors in the city. The zoning doesn’t allow for new businesses except in places where there are already existing businesses. Is North Salem best served by this zoning?


  • North Street (RT 114) is an Entrance Corridor in Salem and should be able to have more businesses.  North Street is mostly residential but if in the future a business wanted to open, there should be an avenue to go in front of City Boards.

Question 2 – The intersection at Tremont Street, School Street, and Grove Street, handles to a tremendous traffic load especially during morning and evening rush hours. What are your thoughts on how to best address this issue?


  • I believe that working with the neighbors, Police Department, Traffic/Parking Commission and Administration, we should be able to alleviate some of the problems with the traffic.   Over the years, I have seen the traffic increase due to more people having cars and more people traveling in Salem.

Question 3 – Development along the North River Canal has been a long-term and ongoing project. The river/canal itself is neglected. How can Salem best take advantage of this under appreciated waterfront and address the flooding issues that affect not only Salem, but also downtown Peabody?


  • Salem needs to continue to work with Peabody to address the flooding issues along the North River Canal.  We will need to dredge the river and also maintain it.  Water levels are predicted to rise in the future, so if we do nothing then the property that is being developed will be destroyed.  I believe that the North River Canal can become a very active waterway for residents and businesses if we as a City come together to help solve the flooding issues.

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