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Welcome to Salem Digest.

You and I, and whoever else finds or stumbles across this site will be witness to the birth, growth to include the painful moments, and eventual evolution of a truly local information source for those that live in and around Salem.

We are fortunate enough to live a busy and active community. Vibrant is an accurate word of description. There is seldom a moment without discussion, debate, argument, or controversy. Our passion runs deeply. No subject escapes our eye or ear.

The news and information business is changing. A true hometown newspaper seems to be a thing of the past. Other than obituaries and police logs it seems that only bigger events get any real coverage.

This modest endeavor is an attempt to provide local people a real opportunity to be heard. We desire to bring the local voice back into the information equation. You will hear some consistent voices, that you are free to agree or disagree with as you see fit. You will also hear other local voices that choose to weigh in on a subject when they feel it necessary.

A Salem Voice, written by the creator of this adventure will be a regular feature and will feature a broad range of material selected from all things Salem related.

The Muckraker and Carpetbagger columns are designed for some of you. We often hear the terms used in Salem, and not always in a complimentary way. Our intent is not to be derogatory, but to make the terms acceptable for reasons of discussion. We will define a “Muckraker” as a concerned Salem resident who disagrees  with the city elected or appointed officials, or what is seen as the common consensus on a selected matter. We are all muckrakers at one time or another. The Carpetbagger concept is similar. We define a carpetbagger as someone who has lived in Salem for less than twenty-five years. Our newcomers often bring fresh perspective to old issues and deserve also to have a voice.

It is our pleasure to have Elizabeth Cayoutte-Gluckman on board as our schools correspondent. She is accomplished Senior at Salem High School and will provide features on the students and athletes in our school system.

Chadwick’s Garden will be a regular feature provided by a very accomplished local amateur gardner who should probably offer his green thumb services to the public. We are thrilled to have Chadwick aboard.

Beginning next week we will offer a monthly interview series where a Salem resident will share experiences that are of interest to many. Our first interview will be with someone who was fortunate enough to work side by side with the recently passed David Bowie.

Salem Food Digest, and its sister blog the Beverly Food Digest will also be seen here. We are looking for true food hounds to help us out with these features. Let us know if you are interested.

Also in the works are a casual refreshments column featuring beer, wine, ciders, and other potent potables. I am sure this will quickly become a favorite of readers. We are in talks with someone who may be interested in providing some fishing themed content and another person who wants to talk recreational boating. There is also some movement towards a blog concerning matters in the LGBT world.

It is all wide open folks. we have a general idea of what it is we want to be, and are looking forward to hearing exactly what it is you would like us to be.

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