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A Trip For Steak Tips To Village Tavern Salem

Tavern Sets A New Standard For Salem Steak Tips

Saturday Lunch With The Halloween Hordes

By TheBaldOne


This past Saturday three of us ventured into Village Tavern Salem. This visit was by invitation, specifically to try the steak tips. The invitation was for me alone and I accepted. But I did not go alone. Flying wing on either side of me was #TerribleT (TT) who is indeed capable of terrible things, and our newest operative the quiet #WellDoneCommie (WDC).

If you are new to us let me explain the hashmarks. We have about 30 different folks that contribute at one level or another to what we do. There are a dozen or so that are regular contributors. We assign each of them a hashtag that we use instead of their name. That way the restaurant doesn’t know who they are and can’t make special arrangements to impress them. Most places have figured out who I am. But few have been able to identify any of our other operatives.

WDC and I arrived about noontime to a very sunny room. A few  bar seats, five or six tables, and some of the patio tables were already filled  The view of the Peabody Essex Museum is unique this Salem restaurant. From the bar, or the window table you can see three of the four generations of the museums buildings to include the oldest in East India Marine Hall and the newest 15,000 foot gallery space.

We refreshed ourselves with a beer for me, a water for WDC, and a bowl of some excellent house bar nuts while we awaited TT, who is always important enough to be slightly more than fashionably late. The menu is expansive with some specialty items. The Tavern Wings, House Chili, Bourbon Street Burger, and North Shore Roast Beef 3-Way made with shaved prime rib are some of my lunch time favorites. The Prime Rib which is available every day comes in three cuts the biggest and baddest being 22 ounces.

Now. On to the Steak Tips

All three of us ordered them, although we had to talk WDC into it. He can be a recalcitrant character. For him the order was well done, explaining his hashtag, with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. TT went for a medium temperature with sweet potato fries and house onion rings. For me it was medium rare, mashed, and veggies.

At this point The Tavern was filling quickly. Halloween may have been two days before, but there were still plenty of hungry visitors looking to be fed. Despite the crowd our plates were delivered together and distributed correctly a little more than 10 minutes after we ordered.

Before we get into the tips too much we have to add words of praise for the house mashed potatoes and the mixed vegetables. The veggies are carrots, asparagus, squash, broccoli, and cauliflower.

TT made the first observation when he said, “this is not a cheap cut of meat.” He’s right as I found out for sure a little later. Each tip was cut similar and each plate was portioned and arranged consistently. We all cut into our tips and found that the temperatures were right. One of my tips was slightly past medium-rare but the other three were precise. Tender was the word for sure. These tips are indeed tender, and  easily cut. At one point I cut a few bites using my fork. Tender to the chew they are also full of good meat flavor. The marinade and sauce combine for a savory effect. I found myself chewing each piece a little longer than usual to extend the taste. WDC found the marinade a little strong, but still finished each and every bite.


Andrew was our host and explained that “the cut of meat we use is Teres Major – we have a strict preparation processes, which include four items: trimming, tenderization, marinade, and time. Our goal was to create the juiciest, most flavorful, and tender steak tip product in the good ‘ol United States. Hope you enjoyed.” The Teres Major cut comes from chuck primal which is well known for rich, beefy flavor with a reputation for tenderness and a close and personal relationship with the grill. You can only yield two one pound portions of this cut from a head of beef.

The Village Tavern tips are a plate that every tip lover needs to experience for themselves.



Village Tavern

168 Essex St. Salem, MA 01970

Phone: 978-744-2858

GPS One (1) New Liberty St which will take you directly to the entrance of our upstairs 1000 car parking garage. (Only .75 per hr!)



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