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A Trip To Red’s Kitchen & Tavern

Red’s in Peabody Makes The Grade

Overcomes Toasting By Big Daddy

By The BaldOne


A recent Saturday morning found us taking a short road trip up to Route One in Peabody for a mid-morning breakfast. Accompanied by a firecracker of a woman named Estelle and her primary arm-candy called Big Daddy, we departed Salem.

Red’s Kitchen & Tavern at 131 Newbury Street was the destination. This location opened a few years back and is an expansion of the original Red’s Sandwich Shop, long a staple of downtown Salem. It operates at the former location of the now departed and always venerated Bel-Aire Diner.

It was a quick and easy ride on a sunny morning.  On arrival we were seated without delay. That was a bonus as Red’s Sandwich Shop in Salem is well know for long weekend breakfast lines.

The counter area is basically a larger recreation of the counter at the Salem location. Two large horseshoe counters front and abut the kitchen area. There is also a small to-go counter for pastries such as house-made whoopie pies. We were seated at a booth in the middle of the larger dining room. There is also a smaller dining area featuring a full bar and a function room towards the back.

The menus came quickly as did the coffee for Estelle and Big Daddy and my green tea. When I asked for a back-up water for the tea it did not create an issue. They offer more than twenty omelet options counting the weekend specials, and nine selections for pancakes and french toast.

There was a short discussion before we all decided what to 20160312_091705order. Estelle, whose tastes are seldom pedestrian, opted for the special lobster omelet while Big Daddy went for the spinach & cheese omelet. My selection was the eggs benedict with an extra egg. No breakfast review is complete without some thoughts on the house hollandaise.

While we were waiting Big Daddy emptied his coffee cup and tried to get someones attention for a refill. It was a few minutes before he succeeded, but once the waitress was notified she was right there for him.

Our meals arrived about ten minutes after we ordered.  The red plates were full of food and were presented very nicely. Estelle wasted no time at all in checking to see how much lobster meat was in her omelet. She was very happy to see generous pieces of claw meat, and declared that the meat to everything else ratio was satisfactory. The omelets were neither under or over cooked.

Big Daddy was satisfied with the appearance and volume of his omelet, but was quite unhappy with the wheat toast. He felt that the the slices were small. Being from that Great Gra20160312_091738-2nite State to the north he is used to more manly portions of toasted bread, which would be hearty enough to get a rugged man through a rugged winter. Toast large or die.

The eggs benedict with the additional egg looked good and there was plenty of rich hollandaise. The sauce is more of the buttery than lemony type and was thick in texture. The eggs were poached perfectly and the English muffins toasted properly, without any sogginess.

We all complimented the home fried potatoes. They seemed slightly different than the version generally served in Salem. Cooked to brown, and not mushy, the larger and smaller pieces create a little visual variety. I finished all of mine and Big Daddy finished his.

Estelle let us down by not finishing either her omelet or her home fries. Always a man to deal with a problem as it occurs, Big Daddy stepped up and cleaned her plate.

Overall it was a positive experience. Good service, a very good breakfast despite Big Daddy’s desire for a more substantial toast, and we got out of there for aro20160312_091644und Thirty Dollars including the tip. The fact that we left with a bag containing a whoopee pie was a bonus.

Schedule your own road trip soon to Red’s Kitchen & Tavern. They also serve lunch and dinner. The dinner hours begin at 3 P.M. and include a full menu to include pastas, chicken, fish, and steaks.

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