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A Visit To Life Alive – An Organic Oasis In Salem

It’s All About Healthy And Tasty Choices At Life Alive

By Chuck Christiansen

EDITOR’S NOTE:   We at Salem Digest love it when our readers and fans contribute.  There’s no better source of information than you, and those like you that are out there in Salem and other north shore locations every day.  Who has a great burger?  The coldest beer? An awesome waitstaff?   Those are things that we want to hear from you.

We love that Chuck has decided to contribute here and we would love it if somewhere along the line you would also consider submitting a little something, no matter the category.


This weekend20160711_130836-2 we stopped in at Life Alive in Salem for lunch which features vegetarian dishes in the form of bowls, wraps, salads and soups. They also have a selection of smoothies and fresh made juices.

My lunch companion is a vegan and I am a meat eater but both us were satisfied with our choices.  We both opted for IMG_4762-2demi-bowls which are smaller than the full bowls but very satisfying for lunch. My companion chose the Green Goddess Bowl (pictured in both bowl and wrap) which has brown rice, avocado, kale, broccoli, your choice of tofu or sprouted legumes and a delicious Ginger Nama Shoyu sauce.  I opted for The Swami (not pictured) which also has brown rice with broccoli, kale, carrots, almonds, raisins and normally sweet onions which I swapped them out for tofu.  It’s covered with a sweet curry miso sauce.

Substitutions can be made easily if you don’t like a particular ingredient and they also have a host of add-on ingredients if you wish to make changes. IMG_4776

We ordered at the counter and received a number to put on our table.  The wait staff will come by with your food as it is ready, which sometimes means you may get your food before your companion, but in most cases the food comes pretty quickly.

This visit we did not opt for smoothies but when we do, my go-to order is the Elvis Alive which has peanut butter and banana (of course), blended together with cocoa and ice cream.  A great treat in the summer!

My only critique is that the water they offer is room temperature which you pour yourself and I’m a big fan of iced water, which they don’t serve.  However, you can purchase cold bottled drinks if you’re not in the mood for a smoothie or juice blend.

Overall,  Life Alive is a tasty and satisfying experience!

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