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Next Thursday, March 3, The Salem Film Fest will launch its documentary film series for the ninth year. This annual event is the creation of Joe Cultrera, Paul Van Ness, and Rinus Oosthoek. They and their dedicated team of volunteers have built this baby into one of the more successful small film fests in the country.

With 35 documentary films, the popular Salem Sketches series and a high school documentary series there is sure to be something for everyone.

The films will screen at three location all located near each other on or off of the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall. The majority will play at CinemaSalem with some screening at either the Peabody Essex Museum or the National Park Service Visitors Center.

One of the films is titled The Sandwich Nazi. This one is not for the youngsters as most of the content is truly meant for adults.

When I first saw the title I laughed at what I saw as an obvious Seinfeld reference. Perhaps Kramer will come sliding through the door at one point or another.

The Sandwich Nazi profiles Salam Kahil who presents himself as an art collector, former male escort, amateur musician, and sandwich maker to the homeless of Vancouver, but his true passion is talking about sex.

This film will air on March 4, at CinemaSalem.

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3 Questions For Brian Kennedy – Peabody Essex Museum CEO

Brian Kennedy of the PEM Answers Our Questions The October Season, A Salem Vision, Collaboration With The City By William Legault   Brian Kennedy, born in Dublin, Ireland and seasoned in the world of museums around the globe has taken the reins at the Peabody Essex Museum. He arrives at a critical time not only for the museum itself, with its newly opened 40,000 square foot wing, but also for its relationship with Salem and its people. Recent years have found that relationship to be fractured as the PEMs mission became more focused on art rather than on the original ...

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A Review – Salem Trolley & A Christmas Carol

Gallows Hill Museum And Salem Trolley – The 33rd Year of Scrooge Christmas Ghosts With Local Flavor By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III/Photos by KWTKensington   Every year the Salem Trolley and the Gallows Hill Museum Theater get together for recurring performances of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The production takes place at four different venues, one of them being aboard an actual Salem Trolley. This year J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III, along with photographer and fellow local theater aficionado Katherine Winthorp Tudor Kensington decided to explore this years production. We arrived at Salemdipity during Monday nights snowstorm at the recommended ...

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24 Days Of Salem Christmas – Holiday Shopping

Where Will You Shop On 24 Days Of Christmas? By Kris Kringle   Beginning on Sunday, 1 December we will begin a 24 day series featuring local business that we think deserve your attention as you shop for gifts. Some days will feature a single business. others may feature two or three. After all, there are lots of spots to shop in Salem, whether you know it or not. The days of big department stores in downtown Salem are gone. Highland Avenue feature a couple of them. But we will not be focusing on them. Our focus will be on ...

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Salem Film Fest Returns For The 2018 Season

Salem Digest Suggested Films – Part 1 In a community that features something to do every month of the year, March has always been the time for people from Salem and all over the north shore to experience a few top-notch documentary films.  This, the eleventh season of the festival looks to be a wonderful, informative, and educational way to spend a few hours of your end of winter time. A team of volunteers has screened more films than they care to remember in order to bring to us 35 great selections. Check out their website http://salemfilmfest.com/2018/ in order to ...

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Salem Theater Company – Angels In America

Strong Cast And Solid Direction Equal Great Local Theater By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III There are many ways that we can count ourselves in Salem among the fortunate.  One of those ways is the presence of the Salem Theater Company.  In their eight years of existence they have entertained over 40,000 people with their dramatic productions. Last week we attended their production of Angels In America at the theater’s new venue at 35 Congress Street, which is the main building at Shetland Industrial Park. The new location is a marked improvement over the previous Lafayette Street location.  The old spot served ...

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Merchants Of Doubt – Free Screening

Hosted by The National Park Service, Salem Alliance For The Environment (SAFE), and Salem Sound Coastwatch Congressman Seth Moulton To Attend The National Park Service is partnering with SAFE (Salem Alliance for the Environment) and Salem Sound Coastwatch for a screening of the highly acclaimed film MERCHANTS OF DOUBT. Immediately after the screening, U.S. Congressman SETH MOULTON will be present for an audience Q&A. Despite new evidence that the fossil fuel industry has hidden its own research about global warming, the mass media often give climate science “skeptics” equal time. But MERCHANTS OF DOUBT sheds light on these pundits-for-hire—so-called experts ...

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PART 2 – Bowie, Zappa, Morphine – A Salem Led Music Revolution

An Interview With Jeff Rougvie, Salem Resident and Rykodisc Pioneer By Jeff Rougvie & William Legault SD: With all this success, what happened to Rykodisc? JR: The label took off fast and had to expand to keep up. Then our distribution network fell apart, so we built our own with Rounder, which was costly. We got great catalogs like Elvis Costello and the MGM soundtracks, but we also bought the Frank Zappa catalog for $20 million. Frank was dead and his widow was impossible. She prevented a lot of interesting things from happening, so people forgot who Frank was and ...

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REVIEW – The Madwoman of Chaillot at Gordon College

The Madwoman of Chaillot by Jean Giraudoux, Performed by Gordon College 2016 Directed by Norman Jones Review by Lara Fury                         Molly Sidel as Countess, Jessica Richmond as Constance, Theresa Sterling as Gabrielle                         Copyright Gordon College   “Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pre imagination.” Gordon College’s production of Jean Giraudoux’s The Madwoman of Chaillot begins with the familiar notes of the song made famous by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and The ...

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Salem, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Morphine – A Salem Led Music Revolution

An Interview With Jeff Rougvie of Salem And Rykodisc “Enthusiasm and forward thinking” sold Bowie on Rykodisc By Jeff Rougvie & William Legault   SD: How did you get into the music business? JR: The old-fashioned way! Growing up on the South Shore, I was really into music. But I was 12 – I had no money and plenty of time, so I hung out in record stores, looking at everything, not buying anything. Eventually they either run you out or you get to know the staff. They’d get me to stock shelves or go on a coffee run. I’d ...

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