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Aubry Bracco – Our Favorite Salem Carpetbagger/Survivor

Surviving Salem Provided Solid Experience For Kaoh Rong

By William Legault


Many of us here in Salem have fond memories of the time that Aubry Bracco spent here in Salem.  For slightly more than three years she lived and walked among us.  Her work for a social media company made a daily impact. That company never really appreciated what Aubry did, but we here in Salem certainly did.

Aubry was a carpetbagger, but she was a good one.  She came here and worked her way quickly into the community, did her work, and then left us.  When she went on her way we wished her well.  Now, every time our attention is drawn to the social media company that employed her, we remember who she was and what she did.

Last year in February she suddenly disappeared, as if she fell of off the face of the Earth.  No sightings in person or in social media could be confirmed until just before Memorial Da13244614_1363582180335005_6763849091069920545_ny of 2015.

Aubry had left on an adventure to live a dream. She traveled to Cambodia, to the island of Kaoh Rong to compete in what would become the 32nd season of the Survivor television reality series.

One person in Salem was aware of this by virtue of appearing in the audition video tape.  It seemed that Aubry had to be vouched for by someone in her professional life that was a “difficult” personality.  That video was shot from behind the bar on a Sunday at the old Grapevine Restaurant.  The difficult personality was sworn to secrecy and he kept that secret.  He enjoyed the shoot very much and still awaits his call from Hollywood.

In February when the season began on CBS Aubry chose Salem for her premier party which was held at Tavern In The Square.  The turnout was good and included Salem luminaries and friends.

Last week the finale was aired from Los Angeles.  Aubry fell short of the million dollar prize, finishing second on a 5-2 vote by the jury.  There has been much grousing and caterwauling from local fans, and also from fans nationwide.  It seems that many have fallen for the charms of Aubry.  Her intelligent, willful, and sometimes emotional approach to life and to people have created fans the world over.  The internet has exploded in outrage and support.

13233053_1363581753668381_866941797566650638_nWell, just so you know, Aubry is having none of that foolishness.  She played well and she knows that she played well.  She is comfortable with the result.  Friendships were formed with some of the other contestants.  There will be further opportunities for her down the road and she looks forward to them.

So wish her well. She is my favorite Salem carpetbagger, and very possibly your favorite also.

We should welcome any and all from the Survivor family if they choose to visit Salem.  We welcome everybody here, even 7-foot tall bullies.

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