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Aubry Bracco Survives, John Young Is The Hammer, And Flynntan Develops

Survivor, Marathon, and Boston Street

By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III


The 32nd seas13043382_856765224117_6718860815473990529_non of Survivor has reached episode 10 with the next episode scheduled to air this Wednesday at 8 P. M. on CBS.

The intrepid Aubry Bracco, who until recently had been playing a relatively low-key game has emerged over the last two episodes as a Koh Rong castaway to be reckoned with.  7-Foot tall Scot Pollard, who has played the bully since the beginning of the season decided to exert his will on Aubry using his only two true advantages, size and a scowl.  It did not work out well and he was eliminated in a decisive manner.

Pollard has since been quoted as objecting to and being a little hurt at being seen as a bully.  He has no one but himself to blame for that.




13096308_10209500204683678_2635957129869690009_nOn the Salem athletic front the news was also good. The greatest Witch City athlete extant, John Young,  completed another Boston Marathon last week.  At 50 years old John shows no signs of slowing down and has only been getting better.

He athletic feats, life as a family man, and consistent efforts to represent those who will not accept being told that they can’t or shouldn’t do something get him credit here.

If you are trying to talk yourself up off of the couch to start that exercise or fitness program maybe you should just take a page from John, as taught to him by his son Owen after the flu knocked him out of the 2014 Boston Marathon.  “Dad, sometimes you’re the hammer, and sometimes you’re the nail.”

John Young is the Hammer.



Flynntan-760x1013The Boston and Bridge Street area continues to evolve as developers buy and build on the various long abandoned and contaminated sites that dot the neighborhood.

Flynntan is the latest site to begin the planning process with drawings that indicate a retail and residential mix in the small peninsula between Boston and Goodhue Streets.

This spot was partially cleaned in 1998 and still has one section that is quite dirty.  Parking will probably be the use for that spot once it is properly capped.

Few are objecting to this project.  That makes sense.  Nobody wants it to remain as is, where it looks like a small bombed out city.

Projects at Salem Oil & Grease and Salem Suede remain in a state of Limbo.

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