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The Once And Future Fountain Sits In Limbo

Hawthorne’s Fountain Endures the Agonies Of Time And Neglect Renovations have proved difficult to complete By William Legault A little over 40 years ago downtown Salem was transformed. The intent was to transform in both a visual and practical sense. A tired and obsolete downtown shopping district was converted from a vehicular throughway to a pedestrian themed, brick and cobblestone walking mall. The visual goal was achieved with trees, flower beds, benches, and modern lighting. The new mall stretched from Washington Street to what was then Liberty Street and extended through Derby Square to Front Street and the old Market ...

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Witch’s Basketball Downs Chelsea

Salem Boy’s Basketball Begins A Championship Run By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman Photos by Angelina Caggliano     When one visualizes the iconic American high school experience a few key images come to mind. Prom or homecoming, with beautifully dressed girls accompanying handsome dates, busy classrooms, with kids studying and chatting with friends, and perhaps a football team, with players who are the stars of the school, leading the team to victory and strutting through the school with well-deserved confidence. Here at Salem High School we have the proms and the classrooms, but what makes our school notable is our varsity boys ...

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Salem Food Digest at Bonchon Salem

Bonchon Brings Korean to Downtown Salem Winging It With The Sweet And Spicy On Essex Street By The BaldOne     It wasn’t that many years ago that our choices for Asian cuisine were quite limited here in Salem. We had Polynesian and maybe a little Schezuan and that was all. Dave Wong ruled the roost on Loring Avenue, the Waikiki dominated Bridge Street, and the Tiki Kai stood tall up on Highland Avenue. Those three and a variety of smaller take-out joints basically offered us the same menu with a few variations. Times have changed and for the better. While ...

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