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Beauregard Sets The Distance Running Pace

Hard Work Produces Hopes & Expectations For Young Harrier

By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman


Elizabeth“Who is that?!” ask countless incredulous onlookers. The numerous spectators preoccupied with this question are referring to Salem High freshman, Billy Beauregard.

Beauregard is a newcomer to the high school cross-country and track teams, though it is clear that he is no newcomer to the sport—he is the fastest distance runner the high school has. Beauregard first began running at a young age with his father, who is also a runner. This early start, combined with a plethora of natural talent, seems to have put him on the fast track for success.

FullSizeRenderBeauregard was the middle school NEC cross-country champion his 8th grade year, leading Collins Middle School to win the conference and become NEC champions. He continued this success at the High School, as he settled into the number one spot on the boy’s cross-country team this past fall.

Though it would be easy for such a successful young man to become overconfident, Beauregard is esteemed due to his humble and easy-going disposition. Spring Track coach Richard Stafford observes, “Billy’s considerable talents are exceeded only by his cheerful participation and attitude.”

It is indubitable that Beauregard is passionate about running, which is key considering the numerous hours he is required to put in to achieve his present level of success. Beauregard says that he “[likes] how it takes a lot of mentality, it’s almost all mental,” and has difficulty thinking of any aspect of the sport that he dislikes.

With great success comes significant pressure however, and Beauregard is prepared to carry this burden for the next four years. Though he maintains that the sport is good despite the pressure he’s faced with, Beauregard admits that he “[feels] like [he’s] expected to do good and then if [he] doesn’t…” he trails off, leaving us with a sense of the weight of the expectation that has been put on him.

Beauregard has managed to more than live up to the expectancy of success placed upon him by his peers, teammates and coaches. His times have been remarkable, and ever improving. His races are competitive, nearly always leadIMG_3758ing to a first place finish. And his practices are productive, showcasing his admirable work ethic.

With his extreme talents, Beauregard had the opportunity to excel at several other sports that he has played since childhood. As an avid soccer and baseball player, the choice to focus primarily on running was no doubt a hard one. “At times I miss soccer, but I think it was definitely the right choice to do cross-country,” asserts Beauregard.


The Cross-Country and Spring Track teams are certainly happy that Beauregard chose to join them, as he has and will prove to be a major scorer. Coach Stafford is looking forward to coaching Beauregard over the next three years, and adds, “we expect great things from Mr. Beauregard as he develops his talents.”Beauregard is a personable and talented young man, who is bound to achieve success in his current season, as well as those to come. Salem High is proud to have him representing our school.


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