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A Bit Bar Surprise

Elk Burger, Tetris Tots, And Bit Bar Excellence

By TerribleT

As the BaldOne and I contemplated where to go for lunch I was trying to think of a place we had yet to try.  I could only come up with Bit Bar.  The thought didn’t really enthuse me.  My perception was cheap burgers and video games.  That all changed the moment I laid eyes on it.

Gorgeous outside seating features a beer bar scheduled to open in a few weeks. Inside the main space was even better with long, clean tables, and brand new bar.  Of course there video games. We were told there’s a back room too, but didn’t get a look at it.

This is not a kids only haven, although they are very family friendly. It’s an untapped adult haven day or night.  We are told after 8pm it is 21+.

We got there right as they opened for lunch on a gorgeous day.  We were the only ones there, so we sat outside on a comfy couch.

Our waitress, personable Amelia was funny and certainly enjoyed our ribbing of each other which is typical when we go out.  We first ordered some beers. I had a fruity, wheat ale out of CT, Two Roads Road Jam, and the BaldOne had a double IPA out of Framingham, Jack Abby’s Mass Rising.  They have a nice rotation of local beers on tap including Notch, Far From the Tree and Bent Water.

Next up we went with two appetizers, while taking note of others we wanted to try  another time.  The House Guacamole and the Buffalo Wings were chosen.  Both were outstanding. The guacamole and the dry rub on the wings are each made in-house.  The guac had a fresh lime flavor that greatly impressed the BaldOne.  The buffalo wings were very good and unique with a dry rub buffalo flavor rather than the typical slather of sauce, with a mild to medium heat.  It was paired with a blue cheese aioli sauce.

Next up came the main entrees.  The BaldOne went with the Elk Burger ordered medium rare.  It comes with smoked cheddar and bacon and a large cut Maitland pickle.  While the burger came out more on the medium well side, it was a great burger.  Interestingly, it comes served on what they call a doughssant.  As our waitress described as a ‘donut and croissant hybrid’.  It was interesting but the elk burger and fixings were more the star of the show.  As a side, he got the Tetris Tots and clearly showed his age when he had to ask why they were shaped oddly. Nonetheless they were enjoyed.

TerribleT got the steak tips medium, with BBQ sauce. They came with Brussel sprouts and the chosen side of sweet potato waffle fries.  The tips came out exactly as ordered with a light showing of bbq sauce which allowed the flavor of the meat to shine with only a hint of bbq.  This is perfect way to cook tips and certainly puts Bit Bar on the map for steak tip snobs.  The Brussel sprouts were marinated in balsamic giving them a sweetness to balance out their natural bitterness.  Lastly, the waffle fries were lightly salted and a perfect combo with the steak tips.

Price wise they are probably on the high end of what you might expect, but the quality of their food is also better than we expected. This just goes to show what little we we know.

This place is a must try, and I am embarrassed that I hadn’t tried it sooner. My perception was completely wrong and if you are under the same impression, go change that by checking them out!

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