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Bracco, Good Year, And Sunday Drinks

Bracco Survives, Good Year Does Not, And Bloody Mary Bars Abound

By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III

Survivor 32 Koasv3201abh Rong continues this week and Aubry Bracco survives. The tribes merged this week with an odd number of contestants due to last weeks medical evacuation. Two new groups formed and at the end of the night the Anna was eliminated.

Aubry seems to have positioned herself well as a true Dark Horse candidate to win. Peter continues to irritate with his arrogance and Deb opines that she is the smartest and toughest on the Island. Meanwhile Aubry goes about her business and seems to be avoiding the sort of inflammatory rhetoric that could come back to bite her in the backside. Scott with his knowledge of the two hidden idols may be trouble soon.


20160320_104649Speculation has begun on what may go into the now vacant Goodyear Tire location on Derby Street. The building has been poorly maintained over the last few years, which may have served as notice that time was short for what seemed to have been a successful business.

With change coming along that stretch to include the anticipated opening of the Notch Brewery further up the street one has to wonder what could be next. The Speedway gas station next door has been recently renovated but downtown fuel stops are no longer common, and next to them is an empty lot used for PEM parking and the Haunted happenings carnival. This stretch of Derby Street may soon be in for more changes.

Interesting times here in Salem.


Not all that long ago you couldn’t find a “build your own” Bloody Mary bar anywhere in Salem. You had to cross the bridge46312_10153292663610216_4486421657966895527_n into that other land found on the far side. That is no longer true.

Longboards and O’Neill’s of Salem both have featured one over the last few months and now The Salem Waterfront Hotel offers you the opportunity to to add to your Sunday Brunch experience by making your own customized Bloody Mary.

Are we missing anybody?

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