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Resident Parking – An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

Six Zones Of Nonsense, The Time has Come To Re-Boot By William Legault Long ago, in a day when the numbers of college students and the amount of registered motor vehicles were a lot less than they are today, somebody came up with a brilliant idea to solve what was then a very local problem. Residents in the immediate vicinity of what was then Salem State College were having trouble with students parking in front of their homes and businesses.  At the time the parking available for the students was less than what was needed and much of it was not what ...

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VOTERS RIGHTS IN SALEM – Board Of Registrars Signs MOU with The Latino Leadership Coalition

Barton And Registrars Provide Needed Leadership By William Legault This article is posted as both a news and an opinion piece and therefore appears here in the” A Salem Voice ” section instead of the Government Meetings section. On very rare occasions there are small but very significant moments that occur in municipal government. These moments often go unnoticed by most.  They are however, sure to be remembered for a long time by those who worked hard and long to realize that moment. Tonight in the City Council Chambers the Salem Board Of Registrars Of Voters did something as an ...

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Disrespecting Salem – National Grid And Peabody Street

National Grid Shames Themselves And Salem By William Legault   Let’s take a minute to talk about National Grid. The cable replacement projects has been going very well.  It appears to be on schedule and so far there have been no major complaints regarding noise or property damage. Inconvenience to residents along the route, and to the commuter seems to be the primary gripe and in all reality that is just unavoidable. Good for them and good for us. The cable needed to be replaced in order for National Grid to continue operating the transmission system they have here in ...

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Barbara Anderson Was A Warrior For The Taxpayer

Friend To The Working Stiff And Foe To Those Who Tax And Spend By William Legault Barbara Anderson is as important and influential a figure in Massachusetts as any who have walked the boards of the political stage in Massachusetts over the last forty years. She achieved that importance without seeking or holding elective office.  She did it without kowtowing or currying favor from those who held or now hold the reins of power.  Barbara Anderson blazed the trail of a Massachusetts tax revolution that to this day helps those who work for a living and vexes municipal and state level politicians. ...

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The Bit Bar Plans Plans A Long Sentence At Old Salem Jail

Food, Beer, and Pinball – All In One Location A New Concept Rises On St. Peter Street By William Legault Once again the old Salem Jail location on St. Peter Street will be host to a another new business. This time it is truly a new and perhaps exciting concept that we have not seen before in Salem. Bit Bar Salem is marketing itself as a “Bar, Arcade, Restaurant” and they just recently applied for the ABCC for the liquor license held by the restaurant that formerly occupied the jail space. Salem residents are already weighing in on the Bit ...

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Cable Replacement Project Continues

Cable Replacement Project Is In Removal Phase Have Any Lessons Been Learned? By William Legault   Not that long ago, but seemingly very long ago National Grid announced that the time had come to replace the decades-old transmission cable that runs from Salem Station, down Derby Street to Washington and Canal Streets where the switching station sits on a hill beneath Cedar Street. What appeared to be a fairly simple and straightforward process, running a new transmission cable and then removing the old transmission cable proved to be everything but simple. Complications arose almost immediately. The old cable could not ...

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The Once And Future Fountain Sits In Limbo

Hawthorne’s Fountain Endures the Agonies Of Time And Neglect Renovations have proved difficult to complete By William Legault A little over 40 years ago downtown Salem was transformed. The intent was to transform in both a visual and practical sense. A tired and obsolete downtown shopping district was converted from a vehicular throughway to a pedestrian themed, brick and cobblestone walking mall. The visual goal was achieved with trees, flower beds, benches, and modern lighting. The new mall stretched from Washington Street to what was then Liberty Street and extended through Derby Square to Front Street and the old Market ...

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Elections Issues Highlight A Racial Undercurrent- Incendiary Rhetoric Is Shameful

Elections Issues Highlight A Racial Undercurrent– Incendiary Rhetoric Is Shameful By William Legault What follows are not words that I am happy to write. They make me uncomfortable, but from my perspective they are the truth. Last year, as Salem was searching for a new Superintendent of Schools I made it a point to attend one of the community meetings that were held with each the three finalists, Dr. Ayinde Rudolph. He was considered the least qualified and least experienced of the remaining candidates. During the period where he took questions from the sparse crowd he called on a young ...

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F. W. Webb Project Requires True Dialogue

F. W. Webb Project Requires True Dialogue By William Legault Developmental issues seem to have become the primary topic of Salem discussion over the last six months. The Burr project at Lafayette Street and West Avenue seems to have come to a generally satisfactory conclusion for most parties. Bridge Street Neck has been engaged in an ongoing fight with developer Mike Myer over the fate of the defunct Ward II Social Club property. It is the F. W. Webb proposal that is drawing the heaviest sustained fire. An empty lot located just off of the North Street overpass, once the home ...

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