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Elections Issues Highlight A Racial Undercurrent- Incendiary Rhetoric Is Shameful

Elections Issues Highlight A Racial Undercurrent– Incendiary Rhetoric Is Shameful By William Legault What follows are not words that I am happy to write. They make me uncomfortable, but from my perspective they are the truth. Last year, as Salem was searching for a new Superintendent of Schools I made it a point to attend one of the community meetings that were held with each the three finalists, Dr. Ayinde Rudolph. He was considered the least qualified and least experienced of the remaining candidates. During the period where he took questions from the sparse crowd he called on a young ...

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F. W. Webb Project Requires True Dialogue

F. W. Webb Project Requires True Dialogue By William Legault Developmental issues seem to have become the primary topic of Salem discussion over the last six months. The Burr project at Lafayette Street and West Avenue seems to have come to a generally satisfactory conclusion for most parties. Bridge Street Neck has been engaged in an ongoing fight with developer Mike Myer over the fate of the defunct Ward II Social Club property. It is the F. W. Webb proposal that is drawing the heaviest sustained fire. An empty lot located just off of the North Street overpass, once the home ...

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