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A Trip To Red’s Kitchen & Tavern

Red’s in Peabody Makes The Grade Overcomes Toasting By Big Daddy By The BaldOne A recent Saturday morning found us taking a short road trip up to Route One in Peabody for a mid-morning breakfast. Accompanied by a firecracker of a woman named Estelle and her primary arm-candy called Big Daddy, we departed Salem. Red’s Kitchen & Tavern at 131 Newbury Street was the destination. This location opened a few years back and is an expansion of the original Red’s Sandwich Shop, long a staple of downtown Salem. It operates at the former location of the now departed and always ...

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Harry And Sally At Firenze Trattatoria

Salem Food Digest is turning the forum over to a couple of guest reviewers today. Sally and Harry dine out often, and not just here in Salem. They enjoy their food, their social life, and each others company. If you would like to submit a review of a local restaurant, grocery store, or any other food related business just let us know and we will happily consider your submission. When Firenze Trattoria Met Sally and Harry The Tuscan Tradition Endures In Salem By Sally & Harry Although we have been to Firenze a few times, we are always grateful to ...

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Salem Food Digest at Bonchon Salem

Bonchon Brings Korean to Downtown Salem Winging It With The Sweet And Spicy On Essex Street By The BaldOne     It wasn’t that many years ago that our choices for Asian cuisine were quite limited here in Salem. We had Polynesian and maybe a little Schezuan and that was all. Dave Wong ruled the roost on Loring Avenue, the Waikiki dominated Bridge Street, and the Tiki Kai stood tall up on Highland Avenue. Those three and a variety of smaller take-out joints basically offered us the same menu with a few variations. Times have changed and for the better. While ...

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Passage to India

Passage To India – A Journey Interrupted But Still Worth Taking By The BaldOne Passage To India burst unexpectedly onto the Salem restaurant scene some years ago along with a loud and gregarious Scotsman who insisted that it was just what we needed. Hugh Kerr was right. We had pub food, some Irish fare, Italian eateries, Chinese and Thai, with a smattering of Japanese, and lots of basic American places. Indian cuisine had been missing Hugh is gone now, and certainly missed, but Passage To India endures. When they first opened their food was new to those who didn’t travel ...

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