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Class Of 2016 Celebrates In Georgetown

Black Swan Country Club Hosts Graduating Seniors

By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman




This pasElizabetht Friday the class of 2016 celebrated their final day of school, and kicked off their senior week activities with the senior prom. The prom was in Georgetown at The Black Swan country club, which was a remarkable location, complete with a wrap-around balcony overlooking a golf course and small waterfall.

The venue was about forty minutes away, and was in continuation with 2016’s trend of having their proms at locations besides the typical Marriot Hotel. The classes junior prom was held at Rockafellas in Salem, which was a choice met with considerable positivity.

Class President Tori Kako expresses her satisfaction with The Black Swan, saying “we booked the venue in the summer so that was a big weight off our shoulders,” and noting that it “provided most of the accommodations.”

The prom went off without a hitch, with added amenities such as free professional photos for senior prom goers making it a truly special experience.

Kako credits planning a prom the year before with giving the class officers the experience necessary to plan such a successful prom. Class Vice-president William Phu agrees, but adds, “definitely have to thank Tori for all of her hard work. Props to her.”

Phu says that on of the challenges in planning the prom is “trying to accommodIMG_6787ate everyone’s preferences,” as 2016 is a class with “a lot of strong opinions.” Though it may not have been possible to bring every idea to actualizations, there can be no doubt that every prom-goer was satisfied with the experience.

Kako cites financial concerns as perhaps the biggest difficulty for the officers to deal with, echoing the sentiment of the class of 2015 officers in regards to their junior prom last month. Kako says “money’s always a challenge. We come from a diverse economic community to we try to make it as affordable as possible for everyone involved.”

Tickets for this prom were the lowest they have been in years, for a senior prom. The class was able to offset the cost through their numerous fundraisers. The most recent fundraiser was a pie in the face fundraiser this past Tuesday, in which students could purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win the opportunity to smash one of their teachers or administrators in the face with a pie.

An important facet of the senior prom is also the after prom, which students are bused to immediately after the prom, and where they stay until five am the next morning. The event is free of charge, organized by a dedicated team of parents, and is designed to keep students safe from the unfortunate accidents that can follow proms.

The event has numerous activities, such as a swimming pool, bingo, airbrush tattoos, a photo booth, a gymnasium, a gymnastics center, and a hypnotist. Students are kept occupied in a safe environment, and though it is an exhausting night many students look forward to the after prom more than the prom itself.

The class of 2016’s senior prom was a resounding success, with students and chaperones alike having a blast. It is the beginning of a week of fun and commemorative activities for seniors, and was much anticipated. It seems likely that the only night able to top the prom for this graduating class is next Friday’s graduation.

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