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By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III

The Salem Film Fest is preparing for its ninth year beginning on March 3. They are coming at you with a full schedule of 35 documentary films covering many subjects from cats to child brides in India.

Tickets ar20160224_194731e available at Cinema Salem or at www.Salemfilmfest.com.

Last Thursday Koto Asian Grill & Sushi Lounge hosted the volunteers and festival sponsors as they gathered to celebrate the launch of another successful festival.

The photo at left is Annie Liu of Koto serving a scorpion bowl.


Honorary Salemite Aubry Bracco survived the second week of www.survivor.com o9863_161214410928903_8203294498437428054_nut in Kaoh Rang, Cambodia. She is a part of the Brains Team and and is competing for a Million Dollar individual prize. The early episodes indicate that things will become quite tough due to the heat and humidity of south east Asia.

Fresh water, fire, and food are hard to come by, but exotic insects and weekly challenges are not at all hard to find.

Tune in this Wednesday on CBS to see how Aubry does in the third week.


Here is small reminder of what February brought us last year. Winter is not over, although it seems to be teasing with the possibility of wonderful things in March.229178_220668451293056_6531928_n The third month has a reputation for coming in hard and leaving gently, you know that Lion and Lamb thing. We will have to wait and see on what it actually brings.

St. Patrick’s Day is always the March highlight for both those of the Hibernian persuasion and for those that are Irish only once a year.

Let’s think positive thoughts.


Here is a photo from the early 1970’s. It is team photo from the old Salem Midget Football League. There were five teams in the league. The Packers Gallows Hill Park, The Lions Palmer’s Cove Park, The Rams at Castle Hill Park, The Eagles at Forest River Park, and The Colts at Collins Cove Park. Be sure to correct us if our memory is wrong. Can you name the team or any of the boys in the photo?

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