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A Different Parents Perspective on Salem Schools – Rebuttal

This rebuttal was submitted in response to a Salem Muckraker view on the schools posted last week supporting Mayor Driscoll’s stewardship the Salem Schools System.

Turnover Of Teachers, Principals And Plans A Problem

By Lisa Anglin

Our children’s education should be the number one priority in this city but it is not.
 As a parent of two children who were students in the Salem Public School system, I would like to address some very serious issues that I dealt with over the years. 
Both of my children received individualized education plans (IEPs) from kindergarten through high school. IEPs insure that children receive appropriate accommodation and is a challenge in any school district, however, because of the lack of stability and organization within the Salem School Department, my daughter was moved six times to six different schools. 
What child deserves this? 
All children deserve the opportunity for stability and trust with their teachers and their surroundings.

Both of my children, despite my countless pleas to the administration, were denied this opportunity. 
After speaking with other parents, I found that I was not alone. Many were disgusted with the endless turnover of teachers and principals.  Mayor Driscoll had many plans that kept changing.  Honestly, we feel that our children were just guinea pigs for her countless initiatives, most of which were scrapped.  In her twelve years as mayor, Mayor Driscoll has failed to implement successful and proven programs. 
I do want to thank all the teachers and paraprofessionals who listened to my concerns over the years.    The special education teachers went above and beyond for my children, despite the incompetence of the administration. 
While it is too late for my children to benefit from an improved school system, I don’t want any children or parents to go through what we went through.

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