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EJ Cabot’s – Bold And Brash In Beverly Burger Wars

Burgers, Bacon, Bloody Mary’s, and Sam Adams Beer

A Cabot Street Sortie Goes Well

By The BaldOne

EJ's Bacon Burger.1

EJ's Phillips Burger








This is ouSFD BB Photor first, and we must admit long overdue review of a Beverly eatery.  Cabot Street is lined with great places to eat. Rantoul Street seems to be coming up also. We have visited most of them over the years and have some favorites. There are a few new ones that we have yet to visit.

Last week we announced that we would be looking for a burger and a beer in Beverly over the weekend. We asked where we should go on social media and got a few suggestions. Much much to our surprise someone suggested Scotty Dog. Others called out for The Anchor, Jacob’s Corner, Fibber McGee’s and The Barrel House American Bar.

All suggestions were considered, but when the time came to decide Jacqui and I selected EJ Cabots. Arriving in the middle of the Sunday Bloody Mary Brunch we found a sparse crowd. A few customers were sitting at the bar, and one very active table was located right by the windows and door. The space is bright with natural light. The front room features hightops across from the bar including one that can seat eight in a pinch and regular tables by the windows. The back room, where the build your own bloody bar sits has both high tops and regular tables.

The young lady behind the bar greeted us promptly and dropped the menus as we were seating ourselves. Jacqui chose to make herself a Bloody Mary. She was given a shaker glass filled with ice and a generous pour of vodka. My selection from EJ's Blackboardthe draught line was the Sam Adams 26.2 Brew.

As always I was tempted to go for the meat loaf as soon as I saw it on the menu. We were there for burgers however, so I chose the Phillips Burger with comes with house-made sweet Italian sausage, and opted for cheddar cheese. Jacqui went for the Bacon Burger also with cheddar. We both requested medium-rare for a temperature.

Horseradish and a house-made pickle were the features of Jacqui’s Bloody Mary. She also brought me back a long slim jim that served well as a guilty pleasure appetizer. The 26.2 Brew was tasty, and quite malty bordering on sweet. I picked up the citrus hints. It was a refreshing brew and on another day I would probably have another.

Our burgers came out together on what looked like egg washed rolls with caraway seeds.There was a lot of bacon sticking out from Jacqui’s bun and the split sausage on my burger was also quite prominent. Her burger came with lettuce & tomato while mine did not. The staff offered me sliced red onion which I readily accepted. It came out quickly.

It was gratifying to see that they had actual spicy brown mustard. The Gulden’s product always serves well, especially inEJ's Bloody this age of Dijon mustard. Dijon is not brown, and is not spicy.

Each of the burgers was cooked to a proper medium-rare as requested. The garnish of a thick pickle slice skewered to the top of the bun is a nice touch made better by the the pickle being very tasty with a good crunch.

We were each impressed with our burgers by EJ Cabot’s. At 9 ounces they were not monstrous, but were more than enough to satisfy an appetite. Good flavorful beef, complimented by thick bacon and a very good sausage made for a pleasant lunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

A bright and cheerful atmosphere, colorful artwork on the walls, and cheerful service all contributed to keeping us happy and giving us reason to return one day soon.

Thanks for a great burger EJ Cabot’s. We will return because the meat loaf, and the prime rib are beckoning.

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