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Four Salem Burgers of Consistent Quality

Consistency Is Key In The Salem Burger Wars

By TheBaldOne


The season for burgers is year round. It seems that almost every restaurant has a burger now. Even those high-end spots that once would never have served such pedestrian fare now have burgers. Truly ethnic spots seem to be the last bastion of of the no burger menu.  Here we present to you a few Salem burgers that we note and commend for their quality, but as importantly for their consistency.  Serving a consistent product is arguably the hardest thing to do in the restaurant business.  These spots have achieved that consistency.

Major MagLeashes stands at the top here because they served their first burger in 1978, and are still serving them 40 years later. Over that span of time you can be sure that there has been little to no variation involved.  They make no big marketing efforts telling you all about the beef, where it was sourced, what the cow ate, or how it is ground. They just present their burger to you in all of it’s basic splendor.  They offer a couple cheeses to include ghost pepper cheese, and will add lettuce, tomato, and onion if you ask. There is none of that piling on of ingredients so that a large knife is needed hold it together.  Visit with the Major and check it out for yourself.

In this middle of Canal Street, in a building that looks not so mysteriously like a Pizza Hut you will find Sidelines Sports Grill & Bar. They draw a local crowd to include some the college types and will soon be opening an outdoor patio in the back.  Their 1/2 pound Angus burger is a good one. They offer some options , to include a choice of breads like a sub roll, white bread, or a wrap, but we always go for the brioche bun.  They don’t seem to get a lot of play in the burger wars and that is not right. We like the burger basket concept and always add bacon, onion, and pepper jack cheese when are there.  Never have we asked for a particular temperature and been disappointed.  The busiest burger the they offer is the BBQ Bacon Ranch Cheeseburger but we are sure that you could build your own that is your thing.


One of the newest entries on the Salem burger scene is Ledger. They haven’t been around as long as most but so far they are a model of consistency  They do want to tell you about the meat in that it is a house Creekstone farms grind. The burger is served on a brioche roll that is made in-house, and the same can be said of the charred onion aioli.  House pickles are sliced and on the burger, plus you get an addition spear on the side. Consistency looks to be very important to the Ledger team and this burger ic a clear sign of that. This is a burger that we can get inferno of on a regular basis. When you do visit be sure to have a good look around the room. They did a great job of restoring it. The details now visible in the large tin ceiling are amazing to see.

Dotty& Rays is another long standing Salem eatery. They have recently undergone a change in ownership, but it is still in the family.  Their burger, which will set you back a whole $4.95 is as good a burger as any out there no matter the cost. They leave the giant, throw everything on it burgers for others. It is fresh, hand rolled, fills the bun, and just absolutely hits that spot at lunch or dinner time. North Salem doesn’t have a lot of spots to sit and eat, so it’s wonderful that this they offer quality and consistency in everything that they do. This old-school diner provides a clean and comfortable atmosphere and the staff is also of the old-school take no prisoners if you cannot keep up with conversation types.  The next time that you are in the north fields you should drop in.


There are other great and consistent burgers in town and we will give them all some attention soon. We know that you have a favorite out there.




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