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Girls Lacrosse Meets The Challenge

Sadoway Leads Young Team To Early Success

By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman


ElizabethEach year one of the most challenging aspects of any sport is rebuilding the team. On a high school team the strongest players are typically seniors, who will graduate and leave the team with prominent holes for the following season. The Salem High Girls Lacrosse team is no exception to this challenge.

“We’re a really young team, so a lot of girls haven’t played at the varsity level until this year,” explains senior Captain Nicole Sadoway. The team is coming off of a big win against Essex Tech, and has an admirable 3-1 record.

Junior Captain Jessica Jellison also notes that they have a “relatively new team,” and says that in order to counteract this they have “been trying to find our own connection and chemistry.” Whatever methods they’re using appear successful, considering their stellar record.

The team has several key players, aside from captains Jellison, Sadoway and Thalia Urena. Both Jellison and Sadoway name Sydney Rocheville (junior), Camryn Connolly (junior), and Brianna Valido (senior) as the players spectators should keep an eye on. Valido especially has proved to be a force to be reckoned with, and she scores numerous goals against even the toughest opponents.

Rocheville, the goalie, has had a shutout thus far this season, meaning that she has not allowed any balls into the net. Rocheville was put in as goalie freshman year when both of the team’s goalies managed to get concussions. She was chosen because she had the fastest reflexes, and “decided to stick with it because [she] was good at it and it was fun,” Rocheville explains.IMG_6164

Urena entered high school intending to play softball, but was persuaded to join lax by her older sister, who had played throughout high school. It is clear that Urena is passionate about lax, and cares deeply about her team. She concisely sums up true captainship by explaining that no matter how badly the team is losing “it is still the captains’ job to stay positive and motivate these girls to keep playing their hardest.”

This dedication is noteworthy, as is Urena’s enthusiasm. She considers being a captain to be “one of the highlights of [her] high school career,” and expresses colossal gratitude to “Salem High, Coach Upton, [and] lacrosse.”

The other captains have similar levels of devotion. Jellison enjoys “[keeping] them motivated,” and says that she wants to help her teammates in “any way [she] can.”

Sadoway gives credit tIMG_6165o not only the captains, but to the core group of returning players for “[setting] the tone and [motivating] the younger players, who have been working very hard.”

The girls hope to win enough games to qualify for the tournament, and, as of right now, appear to be on track to do so. Though the team may be facing challenges in having such a young team, as underclassmen step up to fill newly vacant spots left by the seniors, this group of dedicated upperclassman and captains is leading their team to victory. Girl’s Lacrosse is traditionally a winning team at Salem High, and with these players it is inevitable that that legacy will be continued.

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