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Harry And Sally At Firenze Trattatoria

Salem Food Digest is turning the forum over to a couple of guest reviewers today. Sally and Harry dine out often, and not just here in Salem. They enjoy their food, their social life, and each others company.

If you would like to submit a review of a local restaurant, grocery store, or any other food related business just let us know and we will happily consider your submission.

When Firenze Trattoria Met Sally and Harry
The Tuscan Tradition Endures In Salem

Firenze Trattoria

By Sally & Harry

Although we have been to Firenze a few times, we are always grateful to be able to be seated quickly and have a wonderful experience. Unlike many downtown restaurants that are full of tourists, Firenze caters to locals, so there was no line (though an early start around 5pm).

We were given Salem water (our preference) and crusty bread with olive oil and herbs for dipping while reflected on tFirenze 10-14 Che menu and specials. The house Chardonnay was crisp and light perfect for the seafood we would have for our entrees. We started with the insulata, which had a nice blend of lettuces, cucumber, tomato, bits of carrot and parmigiano. It was very fresh & was not over dressed with the balsamic and evoo. We asked the waitress to split for 2 and seemed like received two full salads, thank you!

For main courses we decided on two seafood specials (we share them so can each sample), my wife had the grilled branzino, which we asked to be deboned as I’m less skilled at removing bones than my wife. It was sweetly balanced with lemon & evoo, delicious! There were just a touch of small bones near fins which is understandably difficult to see, and was served with grilled veggies (asparagusFirenze 10-14 B, onion, potato and red pepper).

I had the gnocchi with braised octopus, shrimp and cod . The octopus was surprisingly tender and the sauce had great layered flavors and so I was glad there was a plentiful supply of bread to wipe the plate clean!

As usual, the service was terrific as the staff cleared our plates in a timely manner and constantly asked how the food was and if we needed anything else. Zamir is a creative chef who keeps to Tuscan tradition and Andy runs the front of the house intent on pleasing their guests.

A terrific neighborhood treasure all should try!

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