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Judge Feeley – Your Compassion Is Tragically Misplaced


Judge Feeley Should Step Down Or Be Removed

By William Legault


After running the fine letter written by Attorney John G. DiPIano on Monday, I thought it best to let things rest for a bit before I shared my thoughts on Judge Timothy Feeley and the ongoing scourge of heroin and the other addictive opioids. The DiPiano letter as I write this, has reached well over 20,000 people, and been shared over 1,000 times between the Facebook page and this website. In truth those numbers are probably larger.

Whenever my thoughts turn to the Opioid Epidemic I think of those who I have known who walked into that horrible existence to never come back. We all know somebody, many of us more than one who took that walk into the abyss.

Luke was the son of a very good friend. He was young, strong, good looking. He had a family that loved him, good friends, and a promising future. Yes that old story. We were all at that point in life once. His Uncle had been a long time addict who had see-sawed  multiple times in and out of recovery. Until the day that he didn’t at 52 years of age. His mother, his wife, his children, his brother and his family, to include a teenaged Luke had to mourn and bury him.

As Luke grew he would come to me for exercise and training sessions, He liked to lift and do push ups and sit ups with me. He also liked to grapple and throw, and we used the exercise studio and and big gymnastics mats at the Salem Y to toss each other around. He had youth, quickness, and strength.

One day he stopped coming because he was in jail. When he got out, he came back to exercise, but he was using and I wouldn’t work with him until he stopped. Luke made promises that he couldn’t and didn’t keep. One day he was late for work and when his father went to check on him, he found Luke the same way that he found his brother. He was gone.

I also think of Parsons. He was 47 when he got that fatal hit in a Porta-Potty on Derby Street during the Salem halloween season of 2016. He was good guy and I had no idea that was a user. I found out after the fact the he too had been in and out of recovery.

Judge Feely is obviously a man of compassion, and compassion has it’s place in the judicial system. However, it seems that his compassion is misplaced. Instead of looking sympathetically on those who deal death to the public, he should be looking at those who are in the grip of this epidemic, and their families and friends who are forced to deal with the the results that follow. A message must be sent not only to the those who choose to make their living as murderers, yes they are murderers, but also to those whose job it is to dispense justice. Justice has to be fair to the victims.

I ask the following for both Luke and Parsons.

Judge Timothy Feeley is only a couple of years away from retirement. I call on him to resign now and move into his golden years. If not, then it is the duty of Governor Baker and our State Legislature to initiate proceedings to impeach him from the bench.

Please sign the petition below, and call your legislators in support of HD 4822 filed by representative Jim Lyons of Andover.


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