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Kako And Copelas Spearhead The Senior Show

Byrne’s A Standout As Principal Angeramo

By Elizabeth Cayouette-GluckmanIMG_4810

With the wrap up of the basketball season, Salem High’s focus has temporary turned from sports to senior events, such as last week’s Senior Show.

The senior class practiced for the past two weeks in order to prepare for the shows Thursday and Friday night. The first week primarily consisted of writing skits and casting them, leaving the impressive performance to essentially be put together over the course of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

“It was slow at the beginning, but eventually we got settled into it and this past week has been really productive,” remarks Katie Copelas, the co-stage manager with Riana Malik. Copelas hasshow 4 been stage manager for the school musicals for the past three years, after being trained for the job her freshman year. She describes her job as “organizing things to make other people’s lives easier” and the cast and crew of the show would agree that she is fantastic at doing her job.

The show was received well, bringing in almost double the crowd Friday night, as compared to Thursday. As a senior class fundraiser it was important to have a good turnout to help to defray the costs of the prom and senior week activities.

Though many of the jokes hit home with the students, parents were also swept up in the humor and the thrill of watching their children act. The majority of the seniors performing had not stepped on a stage since middle school, and non-actors far outnumbered the drama regulars.

While all of the skits were comical, a few in particular stood out. Sean Byrne’s performance as principal David Angeramo was spectacular. Byrne appeared in nearly every skit, and had to memorize mass quantities of lines. Another student was initially offered the role but had balked at the heavy acting duties, and Byrne readily stepped up to fill the hole.

Byrne maintained one of several running jokes of the show, as he continuously reminded the audience of Salem High’s level 1 status. Though this made for great humor, Salem High truly is proud of our level 1 status—just look at the banner adorning the school’s fence!

show 3“AP Breakdowns,” starring Sam Dupuis and Reshelle Venico, was another crowd favorite. This skit, narrated by Katie Moloney, described the emotional breakdown many high achieving students undergo, while Dupuis and Venico acted it out. This “AP Breakdown” hit close to home for the many AP students here at Salem High, as small scale versions of those “breakdowns” are witnessed daily.

Senior class president Tori Kako spearheaded the senior show efforts. Kako has been 2016 Class President all 4 years at Salem High, and she has proved to be an exceptional leader. She brought the class together over the last two weeks, and is truly the driving force behind the show. The show would not have been possible without the team effort of the class, but Kako’s unwavering commitment to the show was perhaps the most crucial component. Kako says that she “couldn’t be more proud of the class of 2016,” and modestly notes, “the class put in a huge amount of time and energy into making the show happen. It would not have happened without the dedication of my peers and I can’t thank them enough.

”The Class of 2016 wishes to thank their advisors, faculty, and dedicated teachers for their help with the show.


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