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Salem Basketball Falls To Brighton

Salem Boys Hold Their Head High and Look Forward

By Elizabeth Cayouette-GluckmanIMG_4810

Photos by Angelina Caggiano



Though the Salem High boys basketball season has come to a close, Salem High could not be prouder of our team.

The boys fought a tough battle against Brighten this past Thursday, consistently scoring against this brawny opponent. They played skillfully, and though the loss was no doubt disappointing they accepted it with grace

In the final 30 seconds of the game the team made the decision to sub in non-starting players, including several seniors. These boys played hard in the final seconds, knowing that for almost all of them it would be their last time representing Salem High on the court.

Though these seniors are done playing for Salem High, their love of the sport will prompt them to find new outlets for their basketball skills. Captain Jhonel Roberts plans to play in college, and will no doubt emerge as a strong player at any school he chooses to attend.

Senior Cam Fraser, onIMG_5615e of the boys subbed in during the final seconds, has played for Salem High for the past four years, and has steadily progressed since freshman year. Though he does not plan on playing for a varsity level college team, he is looking forward to playing on an intramural college league.

Fraser notes that essentially “the whole starting lineup will have graduated,” next year, but he has faith in the remaining team members, and feels that “if they can learn to play unselfishly they’ll be alright.”

As the 2016 season comes to a close, it is time to take a look at next years rising players.
Current sophomore Ricky Arias should prove to be a driving force of the 2017 varsity team.

Junior Derek Marquis, who was also put in for the final seconds of Thursday’s game, is poised to take on a starting position. While he was not on the senior dominated starting team this winter, he played frequently.

Danny Nguyen, another upNguyen has been a baller since third grade, when he began playing at the YMCA every Saturday. He credits the Y program with “fundamentally [teaching him] how to play basketball,” but recalls practicing on his own every day the summer before eighth grade, in order to make the travel team.

If all of the remaining Salem players can adopt this fantastic work ethic, the 2017 team could conceivably have a season that measures up to this past one.

The players of the 2016 basketball team decided that this season would be successful long before they started this past November. They put the work in not only over the summer and fall, but over the past few years. This season IMG_5612has been a culmination of years of dedication, and the team played that out on the court in each and every game this season.

Though many star players are graduating this year, they are leaving behind a legacy of devotion to the sport. They have shown the underclassman that hard work does pay off, as they led our team to the state championships. Though next years roster is still to be determined, they have already begun preparing for the 2017 season.

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