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Our very scientific polls will explore every nook and cranny of the Salem we love and bring out areas known and unknown for all to explore in their town.  We will poll you to see what you love and possibly share with others.  Every Wednesday we will have a hump day poll for you so you can do something at work other than play on Facebook!

You get 1 vote, can be logged into facebook or anonymous while standing on one leg. This ensures integrity and quality in our polling.

We have lots of social media icons all over the page for you to share us!  Here is  your opportunity to show how cool you are to your friends!

If we forget a particular venue/person/item in our polling most likely I was to hungover to remember to add them or they did not slip me a $20.  Just put them in the comments section below the poll.

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What is your Favorite Area of Salem?

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Your favorite Salem clothing outlet?

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Salem’s Favorite Coffee

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