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Salem Film Fest Returns For The 2018 Season

Salem Digest Suggested Films – Part 1

In a community that features something to do every month of the year, March has always been the time for people from Salem and all over the north shore to experience a few top-notch documentary films.  This, the eleventh season of the festival looks to be a wonderful, informative, and educational way to spend a few hours of your end of winter time.

A team of volunteers has screened more films than they care to remember in order to bring to us 35 great selections. Check out their website http://salemfilmfest.com/2018/ in order to see the entire line up.

Here are some personal selections from those us here at Salem Digest.

LAST STAND AT DODGE STREET –  The local angle is hard to resist here. Many of us remember the Dodge Street Bar & Grill as perhaps the best live music venue in Salem. Others may not remember it, but have surely heard some off the legendary tales that run the gamut from electrifying to horrifying. Fats Hammond, a funk and jazz band led by Maryt Rowan headlined Tuesday nights there for 13 years and three separate owners.  The film follows their struggles with with the last owner as Dodge Street gradually fails. Screening is Friday, 23 March at The Cabot in Beverly. A Question and Answer with the film maker will follow.


INTO THE AMAZON – Presented by The American Experience.  The remarkable story of a journey taken by President Theodore Roosevelt and Brazilian explorer Candido Mariano to chart an unexplored tributary of the Amazon in 1913. Before it was all over one member of the expedition had drowned, another had committed murder, and Roosevelt would badly injure his leg and beg to be left behind to die. Screens at the PEM Morse Auditorium, Saturday, 24 March at 12:15 P. M.  A Question and Answer with the filmmaker will follow.



BETWEEN LAND AND SEA – Ireland’s stunning west coast os the setting for this intimate yet epic look at a Big Wave surf community. This is an engaging look at life at land’s end, placing viewers inside colossal waves, while emotionally connecting them with the athletes who rode them and the bucolic Irish town whose fortunes are at the mercy of the mighty Atlantic.  The Irish connection in Salem is strong and we certainly share a dependence on forces we truly cannot control. Screens at CinemaSalem on Wednesday, 28 March at 8 P. M.


BLACK MEMORABILIA – At the intersection of commerce, racial identity, and historical narrative, Black Memorabilia follows the propagation of demeaning representations of African-Americans. Moving beyond perverse attractions to collectibles and antiques that serve as reminders of America’s troubled racial history, the film combats stereotypes and  presents a poetic portrait of the people who consume. manufacture, and assume the identities of these objects.  Screens at National Park Service Visitor Center on Sunday, 25 March at 2:30 P. M.  A Question and Answer with the filmmaker will follow.


MOLE MAN – For most of his life, a 66-year old autistic man under the care of his parents, has been building a 50 room maze like structure in his back yard.  With his nonagenarian mother increasingly fragile, his fate is uncertain. As his friends and family try to help, he believes an abandoned treasure in the woods might be the key to saving the only home he has known. Screens at CinemaSalem on Sunday, 25 March at 4:40 P. M. A Question and Answer with the film maker will follow.



THE WAR IN BETWEEN – Founded by a Desert Storm veteran and psychologist, Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre is a 20-acre sanctuary located in Frazier, CA. In this stunning location, surrounded by trees and mountains, combat Veterans suffering from PTSD and rescued wolves fight to overcome their own fears and depression while an incredible bond develops between them. Screens at the National Park Service Visitor Center, Friday, 23 March at 3:30 P.M.





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