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Salem Film Fest

Next Thursday, March 3, The Salem Film Fest will launch its documentary film series for the ninth year. This annual event is the creation of Joe Cultrera, Paul Van Ness, and Rinus Oosthoek. They and their dedicated team of volunteers have built this baby into one of the more successful small film fests in the country.

With 35 documentary films, the popular Salem Sketches series and a high school documentary series there is sure to be something for everyone.

The films will screen at three location all located near each other on or off of the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall. The majority will play at CinemaSalem with some screening at either the Peabody Essex Museum or the National Park Service Visitors Center.

One of the films is titled The Sandwich Nazi. This one is not for the youngsters as most of the content is truly meant for adults.

When I first saw the title I laughed at what I saw as an obvious Seinfeld reference. Perhaps Kramer will come sliding through the door at one point or another.

The Sandwich Nazi profiles Salam Kahil who presents himself as an art collector, former male escort, amateur musician, and sandwich maker to the homeless of Vancouver, but his true passion is talking about sex.

This film will air on March 4, at CinemaSalem.

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