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                                                                 What Is A Muckraker?


This column is here for you, the reader and passionate Salemite.

It is a forum for you to present a point of view that is perhaps in disagreement with something that our city or state government is doing or saying. Issues with development, traffic and parking, public safety, cleanliness, or even with a particular city official this is a place for you to share your thoughts and opinions with others here in Salem.

The term “Muckraker” actually has a positive meaning. The original definition was applied to reform minded journalists in the 1880’s. Those journalists took on the corporate monopolies and corrupt political machines of that era and raised awareness on many political and societal issues.

If you would like to contribute an article we welcome your participation. It is asked however, that the tone not matter how strong remain civil.

Email your article to williamlegault@rocketmail.com and be sure to include a headshot of yourself. and some photos that are relevant to your subject matter. We will consider anonymous contributions.

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2019 Election Coverage

Every Election Is Important Preliminary Election Is September 17 By William Legault   “This is an important election” How often do we hear that? Over the last few local election cycles we have been hearing that a lot. It’s true. This is an important election. The last election was important. The election before that was important, as was the one before that.  “On and on ad infinitum” my Salem High School freshman general math teacher the unforgettable Mr. Murray would always say. Well it applies here. Voting is always important. Unfortunately the numbers belie this.  When it comes to our ...

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Judge Feeley – Your Compassion Is Tragically Misplaced

  Judge Feeley Should Step Down Or Be Removed By William Legault   After running the fine letter written by Attorney John G. DiPIano on Monday, I thought it best to let things rest for a bit before I shared my thoughts on Judge Timothy Feeley and the ongoing scourge of heroin and the other addictive opioids. The DiPiano letter as I write this, has reached well over 20,000 people, and been shared over 1,000 times between the Facebook page and this website. In truth those numbers are probably larger. Whenever my thoughts turn to the Opioid Epidemic I think ...

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Rosenberg – Fear And Loathing On Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Culture Does Not Serve Us Well Fear of Leadership and a Desire To Be Leadership Rule The Hill By William Legault   What is courage? Merriam-Webster has a very simple and clean definition. “Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, to withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” How do you define courage within the political world? The same definition applies, but with a qualifier. Political courage means being willing to speak on a matter in a way that you know will be unpopular. A political figure with courage will not only will speak truth to power to the voters, ...

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City Clerk Search – Council Forms Ad-Hoc Committee

Seven Member Committee Will Be Led by Councillor Gerard 21 Applications Have Been Submitted By William Legault   The City Count Committee on Ordinances, Licenses, and Legal Affairs, chaired by Ward 1 Councillor Robert McCarthy met tonight in order to form an Ad-Hoc Committee to review resumes and interview candidates for the position of City Clerk. The opening was created by the retirement of Cheryl Lapointe at the end of March. Assistant City Clerk Ilene Simons was appointed as the the interim clerk upon Lapoint’s departure. A city ordinance states that an opening for the position of city clerk shall ...

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Phillips Library Collection – A Part Of The Heritage Of Salem

  The Issue For The PEM Is TRUST by William Legault This is the time of year when the words of Charles Dickens are often cited. Today I find that two quotes, one each from two of his books are relevant. First is the opening line from A Tale of Two Cities. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief it was the epoch of incredulity.” For both the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) and Salem it truly is ...

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A Veteran Speaks of Dismay, Agony, And Living

Dying Is Easy, It’s The Living That’s Hard By One Representing Many It sits on the coffee table just waiting for me to use it. Black, cold steel, compact and efficient, it is clean, oiled, and ready to serve  its one purpose. A small box sits alongside holding the second part of this simple and very personal equation. I sit on my small couch taking long pulls from a 42-ounce bottle of Milwaukee’s Best Ice, a very cheap bottle of “premium” beer that features a high alcohol content. It has been fortified by two nips of Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka which ...

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A Different Parents Perspective on Salem Schools – Rebuttal

This rebuttal was submitted in response to a Salem Muckraker view on the schools posted last week supporting Mayor Driscoll’s stewardship the Salem Schools System. Turnover Of Teachers, Principals And Plans A Problem By Lisa Anglin Our children’s education should be the number one priority in this city but it is not.
 As a parent of two children who were students in the Salem Public School system, I would like to address some very serious issues that I dealt with over the years. 
Both of my children received individualized education plans (IEPs) from kindergarten through high school. IEPs insure that children ...

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Two Parents In Defense of Salem Schools

Our Schools Are Innovative, Engaged, and Personally Invested In Our Children By Jen and Chris Bednar   While in an election year it may be more fashionable to point to one’s dissatisfactions rather than those things which one finds commendable, we would like to take a moment to express how fortunate we feel that two (soon to be three) of our children have the opportunity to participate in the Salem Public School system. When we first moved to Salem, we heard a lot about the “poor performance” and “disorganization” of an ostensibly “failing” school district. Our concerns ran deep, but ...

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What Does The Preliminary Election Mean?

ELECTION ANALYSIS  – City-Wide And Ward Two Results Diverge By William Legault   How do you break down the results of an election? There are professionals out there who get paid good money to analyze voting patterns and results.  I am surely no professional at this, but will make a run at it just for the sake of conversation. The first thing to consider is the turnout.  As has become normal, the Salem electorate remains apathetic during preliminary elections, especially if there is no mayoral contest.  The turnout was around 12% of the roughy 26,000 registered voters in the City. ...

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United Independent Party Forming City Committee

Why I Have Left The Unenrolled Voter Majority Unenrolled Voters Outnumber Democrats, Republicans, and All Others. By William Legault Recently I announced that I have agreed to become the Chairman of the Salem United Independent Salem City Committee.  This was not a decision easily reached as I have always avoided party politics. When I first registered to vote in 1978 it was as a voting free-agent.  I truly don’t recall what we called that designation then.  Maybe the term was independent, maybe it was something else.  It didn’t matter to me at the time, my only concern was to avoid being ...

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