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High School Highlights – The Witches of SHS

High School Highlights

by Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman

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Scrimgeour And Buchar – The Captain And The Czech

Pair Forms A Formidable Tennis Duo By Elizabe th Cayouette-Gluckman Every team has one or two players who stand out above the rest. These players consistently perform phenomenally, scoring points and generally leading the team to success. They can be counted on to win, even if the team as a whole fails. On the Salem High tennis team, captain Guthrie Scrimgeour has already proven himself to be this type of high achieving player, while newcomer Michael Buchar appears poised to join him Scrimgeour began playing tennis only 5 years ago, when his older brother joined the high school tennis team. Previously a baseball ...

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Kako And Copelas Spearhead The Senior Show

Byrne’s A Standout As Principal Angeramo By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman With the wrap up of the basketball season, Salem High’s focus has temporary turned from sports to senior events, such as last week’s Senior Show. The senior class practiced for the past two weeks in order to prepare for the shows Thursday and Friday night. The first week primarily consisted of writing skits and casting them, leaving the impressive performance to essentially be put together over the course of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. “It was slow at the beginning, but eventually we got settled into it and this past week has ...

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Salem Basketball Falls To Brighton

Salem Boys Hold Their Head High and Look Forward By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman Photos by Angelina Caggiano     Though the Salem High boys basketball season has come to a close, Salem High could not be prouder of our team. The boys fought a tough battle against Brighten this past Thursday, consistently scoring against this brawny opponent. They played skillfully, and though the loss was no doubt disappointing they accepted it with grace In the final 30 seconds of the game the team made the decision to sub in non-starting players, including several seniors. These boys played hard in the final ...

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Witch’s Basketball Downs Chelsea

Salem Boy’s Basketball Begins A Championship Run By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman Photos by Angelina Caggliano     When one visualizes the iconic American high school experience a few key images come to mind. Prom or homecoming, with beautifully dressed girls accompanying handsome dates, busy classrooms, with kids studying and chatting with friends, and perhaps a football team, with players who are the stars of the school, leading the team to victory and strutting through the school with well-deserved confidence. Here at Salem High School we have the proms and the classrooms, but what makes our school notable is our varsity boys ...

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Witch Hockey Perseveres

Witch Hockey Perseveres – Poise And Resilience Are Key By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckmann When the Salem Witches Hockey team went to lace up their skates this season they were thrown for a loop. In previous years the boys had always combined with Hamilton Wenham high school, but this year they were to combine with a new team—Essex Tech. This was a hard blow for all teams involved, but the Witches’ captains have carried the team through. The Hamilton Wenham varsity team was cut by the athletic director, leaving the players with only a JV team, a move which Salem senior captain ...

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The Witches of SHS

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