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Seventeen Community Preservation Projects Deemed Eligible

CPC Committee Also Denies Three Proposals

By William Legault


The Salem Community Preservation Committee met tonight at 120 Washington Street to decide on the eligibility of twenty different applicants.  Each of the applicants is asking for Community Preservation Account (CPA) funding for their projects.

Six of the nine committee members were present for this meeting.  Chairman Kevin Cornacchio, Bart Hoskins, Jo Anne McCrea, Leslie Tuttle, Tim Shea, and John Boris constituted the required quorum.  Absent were Mickey Northcutt, Ed Morarity Jr., and Matthew Veno.

This meeting was held to determine eligibility for funding.   Meetings held on a later date will determine which proposals will be recommended to the Salem City Council for funding approval.  The deadline for new applications is 17 March, 2017.

17 of the 20 proposed projects were deemed to be eligible for CPA funding.  They are.

Salem Public Library  –  Funding for an exploratory investigation to establish what is causing cracking in third floor brownstone window sills and associated exterior brickwork.

Hamilton Hall Fence Restoration  –  Preservation of the original and existing wrought iron fence and granite post footings.

Hamilton Hall Storm Windows  –  Funding for storms windows to protect from the weather the new windows installed last year with partial (50%) CPA funding.

City Hall Artwork  –  Funding is requested to continue the restoration of antique oil paintings in the City Council chambers.

Turner-Ingersoll Mansion  –  Funding is asked for the restoration of the House of the Seven Gables roof.

Bicycle Rack Acquisition  –  Funding for 20-30 new bike racks to be located within or adjacent to city owned recreational areas.

Lafayette Park Renovation   – Funding for suggested upgrades to the park.

St. Mary’s Grotto  –  Funding to allow for the Grotto at the old St. Mary’s Italian Church to be moved and restored at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery.  The Archdiocese of Boston has approved the move but will not provide funding for the move, restoration, or upkeep.

Winter Island Function Hall Deck  –  Funding to build a new American With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant deck.

Dead Horse Beach Gazebo  –  Funding to provide a new gazebo that integrates into the current aesthetic of the park and that meets ADA accessibility requirements.

Pickle Ball Court/Collins Cove  –  Funding is asked for the construction of a pickle ball court with fencing.

New Skate Park  –  Final design and construction costs for new skate park at Gallows Hill Park.

Palmer’s Cove Park Ugrade Plan  –  Funding is requested for a larger study of the park. to include alternatie uses.

Dickson Memorial Chapel  –  Funding is asked for Phase II of the preservation and utilization plan.

Nathaniel Hawthorne Statue  –  Funding for condition assessment and restoration.

Saltonstall School Playground  –  Funding is asked for the construction of a new playground.

Bicycle PumpTrack  –  Funding for a bicycle related recreational opportunity. This track is a paved or dirt loop of berms and “rollers.”

Three proposals were denied.  They are.

One Broad Street Restoration  –  Denied as a privately owned entity without non-profit status.

Spain Park Stairway  –  Funding for a new stairway at the back of Splaine Park.  Funding was denied due to questions concerning split ownership of the land by the city and the owner of Salem Heights.

Bertram Field Alternative Study  –  Denied due to application being to broad in concept.

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