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Snow, Pink Mannequins, Jazz, Popcorn, And Bracco Endures

April Snow, Pink Mannequins, Salem Jazz, Popcorn, And Bracco Still Survives

By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III



For those who remember the April Fool’s Day snow storm of 1997 there are no surprise snow falls anymore. Sunday morning brought some wet white stuff to Salem and the forecast is that there is more on the
way. Look out the window on Monday morning and you will know if the weather seers were right.

There is no doubt that we were lucky this past winter, so there is really no room to complain about a little spring snow which will melt a lot quicker than that extra winter body weight.

Spring is here with summer right behind it. No need to worry or wail. Get your shorts out, oil the chain on your bicycle or get the motorcycle ready for a sunny ride. Waikiki Beach will be ready and so will your backyard grill.




Headless pink mannequins announced the opening of Freaky Elegant at 221 Essex Street on the pedestrian mall this past Saturday. This is the first location for this business which has a small manufacturing location in Taunton and has been doing business on-line.

They feature some lacy type lingerie and other under female garments, masquerade masks, glass items, and will be adding other products as they get their feet underneath themselves. We welcome them to Salem and wish them the best as they explore the wonderful and sometimes tempestuous world that is our town.

The mannequins created quite the buzz on social media as Salem discussed whether or not they were appropriate for such a public display.



The Salem Soul & Jazz Festival kicked off their 10th season with Salem Jazz Appreciation Day at the Salem Five Community Room .  There will be concerts at Derby Square through the summer with the Berklee Summer Series each first Saturday of the month.

20160402_141226(1)Each season culminates in the Salem Jazz & Soul Festival at Salem Willows Park in August. It is a two-day event with some of the best music to be found anywhere.

The festival is up for the Salem Chamber of Commerce Awards and has the enthusiastic endorsement of Salem Digest. It is long overdue for this festival, along with Larry Claflin and Matt Caruso to receive some recognition.




20160402_144543The Mattera brothers of Longboards Restaurant & Bar have expanded their nascent Pickering Wharf food service empire by opening Popped Gourmet Popcorn & Ice Cream at 84 Wharf Street. They will be serving house popped flavored popcorn, ice cream, and eventually Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Ever since the popcorn wagons disappeared from the scene downtown Salem has been a veritable fresh popped popcorn desert.





12936657_817030617078_5802112773479284589_n (1)Aubry Bracco endures, despite suffering a nasty infection after seven episodes of Survivor Koh Rong in Cambodia. The merge has taken place and targets for tribal elimination have been identified by the various factions.

Neal, who was an ally of Aubry was medically evacuated, and in a moment of spite chose not to pass his immunity idol on to her. Debbie continues to tell tall tales of accomplishment. Who knew that she was the first female Army Ranger long before there actually were any female Army Rangers?.

It seems that the two bully buddies, Scott and Jason are going to make a concerted effort to eliminate the remaining Brains Tribe members . These two have displayed their nasty sides quite openly.

Watch Aubry this Wednesday and she deals with her Survivor compatriots to earn the $Million prize.





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