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Spirit Week Brings Out Competition And Teamwork

Friendly Competition Takes Over Salem High

9-12 Grade Students Battle For Bragging Rights

by Madison Borden







Throughout the year, Salem High is able to set a foundation for students to showcase their skills and abilities to their peers, staff, and faculty.  One of the most artistic and competitive competition to take the school by storm is that of spirit week.  Spirit week usually happens around the holiday season and is a way for the grade levels to work as a team in order to reveal who embraces the school’s unique qualities the most. Although the week is cut short for Thanksgiving break, it does not deter students from demonstrating their creativity and enthusiasm.

The week actually kicks off the Friday before Thanksgiving with the girls Powderpuff game, which is one of the most talked about games of the year right next to the annual Thanksgiving game.  The group of about 60 senior girls had practice every day after school for about two hours for two and a half weeks straight.  During these practices, they learned how to play the game and work together, all while building a stronger bond with one another. But the girls weren’t the only ones hard at work.  Senior boys were also involved in Powderpuff, swapping roles and becoming the cheerleaders for a day.  Just like the girls, they spent countless hours practicing and rehearsing their moves in order to be prepared for the November 12th game.

On the day of the big game, the cheerleaders and players dressed in their uniforms and swarmed each of the cafeteria floors, delighting their peers who were eating lunch.  The team was able to holler and stomp in celebration of all the hard work they had put in, as well as raise the energy level and evoke a sense of pride throughout the student body.  All of the excitement must have paid off, for the girls won the game against the Beverly Panthers 30-26.

With spirit week off to a fabulous start, the students continued to put effort into making sure their classunnamed would rise above the others.  On Monday, the students dressed in their most outlandish pajamas, sporting a variety of onesies and colorful bottoms and tops.  On Tuesday the grade levels dressed as a class using specific themes that they were allowed to pick.  The seniors wore grey suits, juniors were frat boys and girls, the sophomore class was sports teams, and the freshman dressed in camouflage.  Just from walking down the hallway, the competition seemed close, especially between the junior and senior class.  However, the race for first was not over and it became increasingly clear that there was no time for mistakes.

Tuesday night was one of the busiest nights for the scholars, who stayed late into the evening in order to set up their hallway for Deck the Halls.  Deck the Halls is the biggest deal breaker, the points you gain during this decorating frenzy will either put you in first or second place.  Each graduating class was assigned the name of a board game, they then had to use their imagination to recreate the main characteristics of that game in their hallway.  Class leaders had different approaches to dividing the work and were able to assign people to the tasks at hand.  On Tuesday night, everyone would bring in their share of the work, setting it up in ways that would be the most aesthetically pleasing.

The half day on Wednesday marked the end to spirit week and was the day to show school spirit along witunnamed-1h the hallways that were worked hard on.  During the first block of the day, teachers allowed their classes to go to each of the floors and see all of the talent that had been cleverly poured into each adornment.  Students marveled as they examined detail and accuracy of each floor, enjoying the transformed hallways.  By the end of the day, the classes are dismissed to the field house, where a pep rally was held before dismissal.

The pep rally was able to recognize the Powderpuff players, coaches and cheerleaders, who won the game due to their good spirits.  Salem High was also able to wish luck to the football team in the big Thanksgiving game.  And finally, after much waiting, it was time to reveal who won spirit week.  With the closest race that Salem High had seen in awhile, the seniors were able to pull out a win with the juniors following close behind in second place.  All recognition aside, Spirit Week was a huge success and was able to bring the student body together, a task that can often be hard to do.  As future generations enter Salem High, the entirety of the school hopes to see these traditions continue to connect the diverse community that has been developed over the years.

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