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Summer Jobs Are Still A Part Of Student Life

Flying Saucers In A Pizza Kitchen A Learning Experience

By Elizabeth Cayouette-Gluckman






ElizabethFor many Salem High students summer is not necessarily a season of lazy days and idyllic nights, but one of putting in long hours at summer jobs.  Students often work as many hours as one would find at a typical full time job, so to compensate for the more minimal hours they are forced to take during the school year.

Graduated senior Maise Shepard works as a dishwasher at Flying Saucer Pizza, where she was worked for the previous two years.  Though she is the youngest employee, she is also one of the employees who has been there the longest.

Shepard’s job is challenging, as the only female kitchen worker she says “it’s kind of hard because I’m shorter than everyone else and I have to reach high places, but I have a step stool and I try my hardest to perform in the same manner as my other coworkers.”photo0

Shepard is a hard worker, who graduated at the top of her class and was a member of many Salem High organizations.  She doubtless brings with her to the job a work ethic that is unparalleled by people previously in her position.

Shepard has also clearly added to the overall atmosphere of Saucer with her artwork, as she gleefully offered to show me a drawing she added to the wall at Saucer.  She has been renowned at the high school for her artistic abilities over the past four years.

Shepard joking, points out the upper body strength she has gained through constantly lifting the heavy plates and pans.

Though the job she works is tedious, Shepard speaks eloquently of her “work family,” whom she cares about deeply.  She explains “most people working in a kitchen seem to be trying to figure themselves out. So with that comes a lot of hardships. I tell them about my life and they tell me about theirs.”

This peaceful, caring nature exemplified by Shepard makes her a valued friend and coworker.  Those who have spenphoto0 copyt the past few years around her can testify that she treats everyone with respect and kindness, and makes those around her feel loved.

She did not want to break her coworker’s trust so she declined when asked to share specifics, but says “there are some pretty tough people who are willing to work kitchen jobs every day of the week in order to pay the rent.”

Shepard adds that she is “really grateful that [she’s] gotten to know this whole new category of people.”

Though Shepard does not necessarily work this job for the same reasons as her coworkers, she also puts in nearly daily hours in order to finance her college education.  She will be leaving this fall for Bryn Mawr, a women’s college in Pennsylvania.

As a friend of Shepard I can testify that she is truly a phenomenal person.  She offers heartfelt and well thought out advice to her friends, and is always there for them. Shepard works hard to finance her education, and has done so throughout high school.  She will be successful at Bryn Mawr, and will accomplish great things in life.

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