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Survivor, Film Fest, St. Patrick, A Touch Of Winter

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Bracco on Survivor, Film Fest, St. Pat’s,A Touch of Winter
By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III


20160313_210301 (1)

Aubry Bracco and the Brains Tribe dominated the latest episode of Survivor despite the oppressive heat, hot sands, three cast members being overcome by the heat, and one medical evacuation.

Performing strongly through the episode Aubry appears to be playing a quiet, but strong hand while her teammates scuffle to establish themselves as dominant. Liz was eliminated in the last episode after a power play with the the smug Peter, who then almost cost Brains the game by having to go back to retrieve a puzzle piece that he had left behind.

The Brawn tribe is depleted and the remaining two men are bickering bullies at best. Scot Pollard is making NBA players look bad.


20160306_191304 (1)The Salem Film Fest completed it ninth season by once again setting an attendance record with over 6,000 people attending to watch one or more of the 35 documentary films featured. One participant attended 23 of the films while four other attended 20 or more. One gentleman attended nineteen and was quite miffed not to recognized for his efforts.

The Babushkas of Chernobyl became the first film to ever win two awards.
St. Patrick’s Day is nigh. Major Magleashe’s, O’Neil’s Of Salem, Murphy’s Restaurant & Pub, Olde Main Street P11080900_741215115977889_7176503775226186136_nub, and The Witch’s Brew amongst others all will serve Corned Beef and Cabbage to the public.

There is a question we have for corned beef fans. Do you prefer the red corned beef, or the grey corned beef and do you like yours with turnips?

I always avoid the green beer, but do like to wash my St. Patricks day meal down with a pint of Guinness which is not usually my choice. Salainte.



20160304_172259Friday we saw a little snow fall which means that in the last two weeks we have had a little bit of each of the four seasons. The weather has been erratic so far this year and we have no idea what it will bring as the months move forward.

This snowy bush sits on the House of Seven Gables Property and if it was a little confused as are the the rest of us. Let’s hope that Spring will be kind to us this year.

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