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Teeming Poets, Clever Bracco, And A Clean Salem


Poetry In Salem, Six Survivors Remain, and A Clean Salem Sweep

By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III

The Massachu13133291_851209631652391_6832003363640196868_nsetts Poetry Festival once again made Salem its home for its ninth annual gathering of poets.  Poets, both the famous and not so famous made their presence known.

Downtown was filled with poets and poetry fans on a warm and sunny Saturday after a night of 20160430_144453workshops and social gatherings at some of Salem’s hotspots.  Readings, book fairs, and performance art were the order of the day and also on Sunday as the three day festival kept the crowd happy and busy.

When this event came here a few years back no one truly anticipated what they would bring with them. The world-class talent, surprisingly large crowd, and a surprising amount of local poets have been a revelation.

It seems that we are becoming a poetry destination.  There are worse fates that befall our Spring season. Thank you to the Poets.


And then there were six.

Survivor Koh Rong continues on CBS and the irrepressible and indomitable Aubry Bracco continues to pull the proper strings in her efforts to win the Million Dollar prize.  The Survivor experts keep speaking of her “winners” edits.  We are unsure of what that actually means but as of now things are looking up.

Tai seems to be the one sv3207vvthat others want to get rid of, because going into the final with him could prove fatal as everyone seems to like him.  Aubry also seems to be one that is targeted for elimination because no one, with the possible exception of Tai wants to face her in a final vote.

Jason, the lonely bully seems to have developed both a liking and admiration for Aubry.  She may want to drag him into the final because it would probably assure her a victory.  Joe is also a possibility in that regard as he has to this point made little to no impression.

Take a look in the photo.  That wound on the inner thigh of Aubry looks like it could become a problem,  but Tai is also dealing with what appears to be a large abrasion.


The Salem Beautification Committee will hold it’s annual Clean Salem – Green Salem Day this Saturday, 7 May.  This is a city-wide attempt at cleaning and sweeping as much o

swap1f the city as possible in one bold stroke.  Public works crews will be out assisting volunteers at multiple points across the city.

If you wish to participate meet at Lafayette Park on Saturday morning at 7 A. M. and you will be assigned a location and a team.  Or, you could just gather your neighbors and pick a spot on your own.

The Swap ’N’ Drop will also take place in the same time frame at the Salem Common.  You can drop off or swap men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing as well as household items that are in working condition. Clean, dry textiles in any condition will also be accepted.

Email etalkowsky@salem.com for more information.

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