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The 1% Club – Those In Salem Who Have Run For Office

Thank You To Seven New Members Who Have Courage

And Also To The 26 That Move On To November

By William Legault


The city preliminary elections are over. The votes are counted and we know whose names will appear on the November general election ballot. Congratulations to all who put their name on the ballot no matter last night’s results. They are now and will forever be members of the Salem electorate 1% club. The 1% consists of those in Salem who possess the heart, conviction, and courage to actually put their name on the ballot. In reality the true number is less than 1% but we round up on order keep it simple.

There are few more fulfilling things that I have done to serve my community than run for office. It feels good to win, and it hurts to lose. But it is worth every moment in the effort. You learn more about your community by knocking on doors and actually speaking to strangers. some of whom disagree with you, then you ever will in any other way.

We congratulate those have moved on to November. But, today we want to extend a special thanks to the seven that will not be on the general election ballot.

But first we digress. In todays world of social media more people than ever have a voice. And the voices can be read far and wide. Most people at least make an attempt at civility in the many various local forums, but there are more than a few who choose otherwise and prefer to rant and rage on a personal level.

Some social media forums are dominated by those who choose to be vile and repugnant in their commentary. They give no thought to the feelings of others, or the feelings of families and friends of those that they attack. Some candidates were more often the target of this malodorous bile than others. If these on-line reprobates possess even a scintilla of respect for others, or perhaps the teeniest bit of actual human empathy I would be genuinely surprised. They seek shock value with every tap of their spiteful fingertips. Every candidate, some more than others, is subjected to these kinds of vicious and repulsive attacks at one time or another, and it comes from both sides of the political schism.

We offer a sincere thank you to Belle Steadman, Melissa Faullkner,  and Gary Gill who all ran in the at-large field. You put yourselves out there and asked the voters of Salem for their support. That takes a level of courage that is not possessed by the typical keyboard miscreant. Take some to to relax and reflect on the experience. Welcome to the 1%. Maybe down the road you’ll decide to try again. It’s been done in the past with Domingo Dominguez being a very recent example.

Thank you to Leo Higgins and Jill Mullholland for giving Ward 3 a choice. Welcome to the 1% and rest assured that your efforts are noted and appreciated. Ward 3 is possibly the  most unappreciated ward in the city. Cut into parts by two entrance corridors it also contains a true jewel of Salem in the Salem Woods. Your voices have been heard and we believe that they should continue to be heard going forward. When the dust and smoke in November has cleared, the new Ward 3 Councillor would be well advised  to maintain an open channel of communication with each of you.

Terry Tyler has been attending and studying various city meetings for quite some time. He has contributed at many of those meetings and kept his neighbors informed. I hope that he continues these efforts. Terry is truly sincere in his civic efforts and for that we should be grateful.  Welcome to the 1% Terry. More people like Terry in Salem, and less of those who taunt and provoke would do us all some good.

The school committee race bought some truly superior candidates. Stephen Beauparplant made a solid contribution to the dialogue and would surely have done the same if elected. I have no doubt that he will continue to be heard and look forward to his continuing contributions. Welcome Stephen to the 1%.

From one member of the 1%, to the new members of the 1%. I salute you.


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