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Salem Carpetbagger

Here at Salem Digest we look at a Carpetbagger as a good thing. It is not 
political or related to predatory financial matters.  Our definition is 

SALEM CARPETBAGGER:  A resident of Salem for less than twenty years who moved here for the right reason, because they love the area and have fallen in love with Salem. They are friends, relatives, and co-workers who are as invested in our community as much as anyone else.

This is a place for our beloved Carpetbaggers to share their views on the 
people, places, and events here in Salem.


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Shawn Meehan And The Point – In His Own Words

We Have No Delusions –  We Can All Promote Positive Change By Shawn Meehan   In January of 2015 we purchased a condo unit in Salem’s “Point.  We saw the purchase of the condo in the “Point” as an opportunity to own property in the area as opposed to getting into another rental situation. We were encouraged by the Mayor’s “Vision and Action Plan” for the “Point” but we had no delusions as to the challenges people faced in this particular neighborhood.  During our small barbecues we found ourselves feeding hungry kids. However, we did mistakenly believe that the safeguards ...

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Aubry Bracco – Our Favorite Salem Carpetbagger/Survivor

Surviving Salem Provided Solid Experience For Kaoh Rong By William Legault Many of us here in Salem have fond memories of the time that Aubry Bracco spent here in Salem.  For slightly more than three years she lived and walked among us.  Her work for a social media company made a daily impact. That company never really appreciated what Aubry did, but we here in Salem certainly did. Aubry was a carpetbagger, but she was a good one.  She came here and worked her way quickly into the community, did her work, and then left us.  When she went on her ...

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