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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

A Few Delectable Delights Around Salem

By The BaldOne

You may like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. You may even like falling out of trees and cold toilet seats. In this world of political correctness I must accept yours and you must accept mine.

With that in mind I present to you some of favorite items from the wonderfully varied menus of Salem.

First up the Irish breakfast served at O’Neill’s of Salem every Sunday for brunch. This plate of eggs, baked beans, fries, meats and tomato is a guilty pleasure. t’s surely doesn’t hurt that they also feature a build your own Bloody Mary. The kitchen at O’Neill’s is one of the more under appreciated in town.



Down on Congress you will find Celia’s Restaurant, a Dominican style cafeteria with fresh made and always delicious offerings. There are many items that are worthwhile, but the pork chops are something that I look for whenever I’m there. Tender, spiced perfectly, and delicious. There are usually two, sometimes three kinds of rice availablealong with Dominican style spaghetti.




The hummus at Adeas just cannot be adequately described. You have to see and taste it to believe it. They make everything fresh every day and serve all vegetarian/vegan entrees, but don’t let that scare you away. You may also want to check their hours as they adhere to all of the Jewish holidays.





Dotty & Rays on North Street has been around a long time. If you are looking for a good and basic burger, this is the place. Fresh, hand-rolled, cooked to order and for some reason they don’t feel the need to offer 4-6 inches of this, that, and the other thing on top. Also worth mentioning is the meatloaf sandwich.

Freshly breaded southern fried chicken breast, smooth mashed potatoes that somehow also feature some strategically placed lumps, and an excellent house-made gravy make this plate at Murphy’s a winner all around. This is another kitchen that just doesn’t get the credit that it deserves.

Pizza World took over a space that had some issues for a few years and they have stepped up big with quality pizza, pasta and sandwiches. The Super Roast Beef is a player in the very competitive Salem Roast Beef wars.

Forget that deli three bean salad that sits in the table untouched. Gulu-Gulu has a one that will rock your bean world, it is a three bean revelation. On Sundays you can also experience their house-made biscuits in various and very tasty configurations.

In a world where chicken wings are everywhere, the Salt & Pepper Wings served by Leo and Annie at Koto stand tall, juicy, and unequaled. Each time I go I try not to order them, but fail every time.

Major Magleashe’s is known for their burgers and steak tips. Every once in a while however, if you are luck they will have the Grilled Kielbasa Sandwich on the Specials board. When they do, the discerning diner will jump on the chance. I like to top it with a thick melted slice of Ghost pepper cheese and some raw onion.

The house-made meatballs and red sauce at Brother’s Taverna are one of the best kept secrets in Salem. It is not a sweet sauce, the meatballs are large, and the concept of al dente is one that they understand. Don’t forget the garlic bread.

Gas Station Pizza. If you haven’t tried Prime Pizza & More at 175 Lafayette Street yet we suggest that you plan a visit soon. It is a true, thin crust New York style pie. There is not another on like it in Salem. We will also put in a good word for Steve’s Steak Bomb. No deliver, so plan properly.

Bon Chon Salem  is known for it’s Korean Chicken Wings, and then are wonderful. But, they serve much more and the Bul Dak is a rock star. Spicy chicken, rice cakes, hot sauce, onions, scallion and mozzarella.  Try a side of the Kimchi Cole Slaw to cool it down.

These are some of my favorite things. Do you have some favorites. Let us know in the comments.

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