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Lobster Shanty, Survivor, Doug Mascott, & Martini Madness
By J. Smithfield Oppenheimer III

For over 30 years The Lobster Shanty has endured as the anchor business on Artist’s Row. The four changes in ownership over that time span has never resulted in any real changes to the exterior appearance of the building that began as an open air stall in the old Salem Marketplace.

The interior has evolv2597921521_9ddea7005fed from one of multiple rooms with a very small bar to what you see when you enter today. The bar space has expanded, the dining room opened up and the color scheme has changed periodically.

Changes are afoot, dramatic changes that will alter the appearance of both Front Street and Artist’s Row.

As a part of the new lease agreement with the city the Shanty has plans to add an actual outdoor deck in the space between the end of the building and Front Street.

The question is this. Will the tree and the round flower bed survive?



Aubry Bracco has now survived for three weeks on Survivor Koh Rong. The Brains Tribe had quite a bit of drama at their tribal council last week which featured a three way tie amongst the six members as to who should get the boot. Aubry gets to play another week, but if the teasers that have been released are accurate things are about to get quite grueling.

Be sure to tune this Wednesday on CBS and give Aubry some good mojo as she deals with the heat, humidity, and personalities of her “teammates.” If that Peter character ever shows his smug face here in Salem he may need to bring a security contingent.


Last Friday, March 5 marked the two year anniversary of the death of Doug Mascott. Doug was a long time radio DJ and was a regular feature on WMWM at Salem State University and just an all around sweetheart of a guy.

12733393_10208917306716774_5170414854391749955_nHe promoted many local bands and was well known for getting them gigs in many questionable places but hitting the occasional home run gig which would make it all worthwhile for both him and the band. He is missed by many involved in the local music scene.

Doug participated in many charitable events during his short but active life.

WMWM ran tributes to him all weekend.




Mark your calendar for March 31. Old Town Hall, B & S Event ManagementNorth Shore Bartending, and Creative Salem will host a bartending competition to benefit the Plummer Home.

Bartenders from Salem and other north shore locations will compete for the votesof guests as to who mixes the best cocktails. There will also be a Martini specific event. Turners Seafood, The Hawthorne Hotel, Amano Italian Kitchen & Pizzeria, Koto Grill & Sushi Lounge, Adriatic Restaurant & Bar, The Lobster Shanty, Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites, and (Lynn) are all sending their top creators of adult beverages.

Ask your favorite bartender to step up and display his skills.

To enter.


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