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Witch City Shenanigans

Last Wednesday night saw the season premier of the Survivor television series. For the first time we have a solid Salem connection in the person of Aubry Bracco, the once and forever local editor of the Salem Patch.

Aubry’s family and friends threw a party at Tavern In The Square to mark the event. Mayor Kim Driscoll was there watching the episode along with Ward 2 Councillor Heather Famico, Ward 5 Councillor Josh Turiel, and Jane his wife ( I couldn’t resist the Jetson’s reference), several members of the Salem Fire department and of course the Salem Digest.

PanAm railways has been busy performing upgrades of the railroad spur that runs from Salem Depot into Peabody and Danvers. The spur is used on a regular basis for the transport and temporary storage of rail cars carrying chemicals to the Eastman-Gelatin which is now a part of the Rousselot Corporation of the Vion Food Group.

The upgrades began late last summer.

The Salem Commission On Disabilities recently purchased three accessible picnic tables to be installed at Salem Willows Park. These tables represent the beginning of an effort to provide all appropriate Salem parks with accessible picnic tables.

The commission is also looking at new and creative ways to make all of Salem’s park accessible.

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